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11 Feb 2021

Will we see next year's winter World Cup feature on FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 may be a way off yet, but there are some big questions that need asking.

The World Cup will be hosted in Qatar in the winter of 2022, but will we be able to enjoy the luxuries of the international tournament on next years FIFA?

FIFA World Cup

The World Cup modes in past editions of the footballing sim have been some of the greatest modes we've seen, particularly the FIFA 14 World Cup mode on Ultimate Team.

And, with EA's major rivals Konami securing the rights to the Euro 2020/2021 tournament on their Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, we imagine that EA will be pulling out all of the stops to ensure that they outdo their competition.

EUROPE - PES have the rights to Euro 2020/2021

EA's licensing agreement with FIFA was recently extended until the end of 2022, so if we are to see a World Cup mode on any football title, it will be the FIFA franchise that will deliver it.

But there is an issue.

We've never seen a winter World Cup before, so how would those dates tie-in with a FIFA 22 release?

FIFA 22 or FIFA 23?

In both FIFA 14 and FIFA 18, we saw an exclusive World Cup mode arrive in Ultimate Team.

These modes brought the World Cup to life and allowed players the opportunity to play with some of the best stars in world football, with the opportunity to unlock some incredible cards for their personal Ultimate Team clubs.

With the World Cup being held in the summer months when FUT was effectively dead, EA had no qualms with releasing super cracked, overpowered players into their regular mode.

Some of which were arguably better in-game than some of the TOTY cards from those years.


But would EA feel the same about releasing those cards in November?

We can't see the World Cup mode coming in FIFA 22, due to the fact the World Cup would be a number of months off at that point, so FIFA 23 would be the title to deliver the long-awaited mode.

There would have to be a different spin on the Ultimate Team mode in order to ensure the game hasn't peaked by Christmas, but the Career Mode additions would still be pretty similar.

So mark it down in your diaries, expect to see the 2022 World Cup mode on FIFA 23, not FIFA 22.

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