How to claim your free FIFA 21 Player Days packs

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FUT Player Days is back again, and with the promo comes free loyalty packs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!

Here's how to claim your free packs in FUT.

How can I get FUT Player Days free packs?

EA are rewarding FUT players with free packs, with the rewards increasing based on the number of times players have logged into Ultimate Team since launch.

FIFA 21 FUT Player Days Ultimate Team
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FREE PACKS: FUT Player Days brings us free packs in Ultimate Team

The reward for each tier are as follows:

  • 1-60 days - Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • 61-115 days - Prime Gold Players Pack
  • 116-137 days - Rare Mega Pack
  • 138-141 days - Ultimate Pack

To claim your free pack, simply log in to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team during the FUT Player Days promo and your pack will be waiting in the 'My Packs' section in the store.

The FUT 21 Player Days promo also kicked off with an 81+ Player Pick Double Squad Building Challenge, where you can exchange a squad for 2 of 6 Rare Gold Players, rated 81 OVR or higher.

How do What If cards work in FIFA 21?

Unlike the dynamic player items seen in Ones to Watch or Headliners, What If introduces a new wrinkle by presenting team-oriented objectives that should these player items' real-life squad accomplish, will see these already boosted items get an additional +2 OVR stats boost.

FIFA 21 What If Team 2 Ultimate Team
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TIME IS TICKING: What If Team 2 will remain in packs until Wednesday, 10 March at 6 pm GMT

For midfielders and attackers, the name of the game is their teams scoring 6 total goals over their next 5 league matches (effective from the moment they're released in-game).

For What If defenders and goalkeepers, the goal is to record 1 clean sheet any time over their next five league matches.

The items will be updated the following Wednesday following the conclusion of their next five domestic league matches.

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