FIFA and 2K Games potential partnership could lead to exciting future for the franchise

FIFA 2K Games

FIFA 2K Games

With FIFA and EA Sports announcing their split, the rumour mill has already started regarding who will be the next developer to take the series forward.

Whilst no rumours have come to fruition, there's a good chance that 2K Games - developers of series such as WWE2K and NBA2K - could be the ones chosen to take FIFA into a new era.

We want to take a look at how 2K's involvement in FIFA could lead to major success for the franchise, especially appealing to those that enjoy the single-player experience.

FIFA and 2K Partnership

Ever since rumours started to swirl regarding the rift between EA Sports and FIFA, 2K Games have always been lingering as a potential next destination.

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2K TAKEOVER - Could 2K Games take over the developer mantle on the FIFA franchise?

Take-Two - the parent company of 2K Games - boss Strauss Zelnick recently spoke to IGN on the subject:

"We're definitely interested in expanding our opportunities in sports and FIFA has a great brand and incredible clout, but we have no current plans to discuss."

Whilst there may be no current plans, we'd be surprised if these two companies don't sit down at some point in the future.

But what can 2K Games offer that EA Sports can't?

Ultimate Team Alternative

Whilst EA Sports have been working hard to improve Ultimate Team over the past few years, there's no doubt that the game mode has become a little stale.

2K Games could come in and rip the whole thing up, starting from scratch and building sensible building blocks that would lead to a better overall experience.

With MyTeam and MyFaction both featuring in NBA2K and WWE2K respectively, there's definitely scope for a similar game mode to be introduced in FIFA.

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FRESH START - 2K Games could introduce a similar mode seen in WWE 2K and NBA 2K

Playing on the monetisation and loot box elements that are so important to developers, a brand new alternative to Ultimate Team with a balanced playing field and more varied card styles could prove to be the refresh that all FIFA fans have been asking for.

Single-Player Success

2K Games do one thing very well, and that's a single-player experience.

Whether it's their showcase modes in WWE2K or their in-depth MyPlayer career in NBA2K, it's to say that 2K Games blow EA Sports out of the water when it comes to offline play.

These types of story modes could easily lean into FIFA, with a fresh take on 'The Journey' or even more varied cut-scenes added into Career Mode/Player Career.

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THE COMEBACK - Could we see a story mode return to the FIFA series?
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Single-player fans have felt neglected for a long time in FIFA, and this brand new direction could see those die-hards finally rewarded.

Word of Warning

2K Games are far from perfect.

Whilst their single-player modes and overall experience in the sports gaming sphere is valuable, it doesn't mean there haven't been hiccups along the way.

Criticisms have been launched by fans of the 2K series relating to monetisation issues and the continued overuse of in-game purchases.

With FIFA desperate to maintain the success they had with EA Sports, we wouldn't be shocked if there was an expensive caveat to this exciting future.

A New Direction

Ultimately, the FIFA-EA Sports split represents a chance for both brands to take stock and think about the kind of sports game they want to be.

It's been clear for a while that creative decisions haven't been aligned on the FIFA series, and the arrival of a new developer will hopefully signal a brighter future.

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IT'S OVER - EA Sports and FIFA have gone their separate ways

All that being said, it's vitally important that whoever comes in as a new developer is allowed to take FIFA in their own direction, and not follow the same formula that came before.

FIFA has needed competition for years and 2023 could bring about the clash of two footballing titans.

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