FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Ultimate TOTS packs will NOT feature in FUT Champs this weekend

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Ultimate Team of the Season is set to mark the end of the TOTS promo in FIFA 22, with this weekend's FUT Champs campaign your last chance to bag a free TOTS superstar.

With rewards now confirmed for this huge weekend of action, some fans have been left unhappy with EA.

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Check below for everything you need to know ahead of this weekend's FUT Champs action.


FUT Champs Rewards CONFIRMED

The final Team of the Season FUT Champs weekend is upon us, with rewards finally confirmed.

The rewards are as followed:

  • Rank 1 / 3x EFIGS picks (1 of 5)
  • Rank 2 / 2x EFIGS picks (1 of 5)
  • Rank 3+4 / 2x EFIGS picks (1 of 4)
  • Rank 5 / 2x EFIGS picks (1 of 3)
  • Rank 6 / 1x EFIGS pick (1 of 3)

The list of rewards leaves one major question - why are there no Ultimate Team of the Season packs?

Usually, those players in high ranks receive special TOTS packs, rewarding their impressive feat in the weekend league.

However, with the biggest cards in the game now up for grabs, EA have decided to pull the plug on this particular trend, leaving some players frustrated.

What are EFIGS?

As you can see in the rewards list above, EFIGS picks are listed for those players who finish in any of the top 6 ranks.


EFIGS picks are comprised of players from the Premier League TOTS, Ligue 1 TOTS, Bundesliga TOTS, La Liga TOTS and Serie A TOTS.

With a combined number of these stars featuring in the Ultimate Team of the Season in FIFA 22, finishing in a high rank could leave you with some tough choices this weekend.

Fan Frustration

It wouldn't be a week in FIFA 22 history without some fan frustration, and this week's annoyance feels particularly understandable.

With Team of the Season packs being on offer throughout the promo, it feels strange that EA should pull the plug when the biggest squad of all rolls around.

Some players have vented their frustration, stating that they won't be playing this weekend following the revelation that Team of the Season packs aren't on offer.

Either way, with some huge cards waiting to be pulled, this could be the BEST weekend to dive into FUT Champs in FIFA 22 history.