FIFA 22 TOTS Swaps Token Tracker: How to Unlock, Expiry Date, Where to Find & more

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Team of the Season is underway, bringing loads of new content to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

This year the promo is even bigger than ever, with a TOTS Swaps system introduced, which offers some top rewards.

Stay up to date with all the TOTS Swaps and make sure you don't miss out on a single token by using our token tracker.

Latest - Last token drops

The twenty-fifth and final TOTS Swaps token is now available in FUT 22, included in an SBC.

By completing the La Liga TOTS Challenge 3 SBC, you will gain a token for Ruan Teles, as well as a Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack.

The requirements for the SBC are as follows:

La Liga TOTS Challenge 3 SBC

  • Minimum one Spain player
  • Maximum four players from the same League
  • Minimum five players from the same Nation
  • Minimum nine Rare players
  • Minimum 80 Squad Rating
  • Minimum 95 Team Chemistry

Rewards - 1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack, 1 x TOTS Swaps Token Ruan Teles

Token Tracker

All 25 TOTS Swaps tokens have now been released, so make sure you act quickly to get them, with several now expired.

Check out the TOTS Swaps tokens all in one place:

Token # Released Where to Find Expiry Date
1 - Guibert6/5Free on login27/5
2 - Wallner6/5De Gea Objectives13/5
3 - Piwernetz6/5Premier League TOTS Challenge 1 SBC9/5
4 - Belkorchia6/5Saka Objectives13/5
5 - Saravanja7/5Premier League Cup Objectives21/5
6 - Diego Guti8/5Willock Objectives15/5
7 - Miceli9/5Premier League TOTS Challenge 3 SBC12/5
8 - Braut-Brunes10/5EFL TOTS Upgrade SBC14/5
9 - Ferrero11/5Premier League TOTS Challenge 4 SBC14/5
10 - Kjaergaard12/5Marquee Matchups SBC19/5
11 - Eseiza13/5Grifo Objectives20/5
12 - Jorge Chanza13/5Sule Objectives20/5
13 - Starzynski13/5Bundesliga TOTS Challenge 1 SBC16/5
14 - Schade14/5Bundesliga Cup Objectives28/5
15 - Bell15/5Tawamba Objectives22/5
16 - Doumboya16/5Bundesliga TOTS Challenge 3 SBC19/5
17 - Ozcimen17/5Saudi Pro League TOTS Upgrade SBC21/5
18 - Cherchez18/5Bundesliga TOTS Challenge 4 SBC20/5
19 - Mihaiu19/5Marquee Matchups SBC26/5
20 - Perianu20/5La Liga TOTS Challenge 1 SBC23/5
21 - Kerber20/5Jesus Navas Objectives27/5
22 - Iker Recio20/5Fati Objectives27/5
23 - Baiye20/5La Liga Essentials Pack27/5
24 - Ekroth21/5La Liga TOTS Challenge 2 SBC24/5
25 - Ruan Teles22/5La Liga TOTS Challenge 3 SBC25/5

For more details on where to find the tokens, see below:

Expired Tokens

The window for the following Swaps tokens has now expired:

How to get TOTS Swaps Tokens

From now until the end of the FIFA 22 TOTS campaign you will have the opportunity to gain TOTS Swaps tokens, with Set 1 available until Friday, 27 May.

This Swaps system will be similar to that of the Icon Swaps, Winter Wildcards, Future Stars and FUT Birthday promos.

EA released the following statement regarding the TOTS Swaps Tokens:

These tokens will mostly be made available across various Squad Building Challenges and Objectives, with one being offered in a pack in the FUT Store during the TOTS campaign.

So, you can get Swaps tokens by completing SBCs, Objectives and through certain packs and competition rewards.

EA could chuck in some other ways of earning TOTS Swaps tokens, for example, a Future Stars swap was hidden in Squad Battles rewards previously.

Full TOTS Swaps Rewards

With 25 tokens up for grabs and 13 different rewards with varying costs, there are plenty of combinations you can go for.

The rewards are as follows:

  • 2 Tokens - Rare Players Pack
  • 3 Tokens - Saudi Pro League TOTS Pack
  • 3 Tokens - EFL TOTS Pack
  • 3 Tokens - Eredivisie TOTS Pack
  • 5 Tokens - Community TOTS Pack
  • 5 Tokens - Ultimate Pack
  • 7 Tokens - Bundesliga TOTS Pack
  • 10 Tokens - Premier League TOTS Pack
  • 14 Tokens - 1 of 3 Premier League of Bundesliga TOTS Player Pick
  • 14 Tokens - 25 x 84+ Rare Players Pack
  • 17 Tokens - Prime Icon Moments Ballack
  • 19 Tokens - 1 of 3 Premier League TOTS Player Pick
  • 22 Tokens - Prime Icon Moments Luis Figo

Wondering what you should spend your tokens on? We've got you covered.

Check out our TOTS Best Rewards Combination page right here.

TOTS Swaps Release Date

The TOTS Swaps Set 1 landed on Friday, 6 May at 1pm ET / 6pm BST, at the same time as the Premier League TOTS.

You will be able to redeem the tokens between Friday, 20 May and Friday, 27 May, when the Swaps SBCs are launched in the hub.

As soon as Set 1 expires, TOTS Swaps Set 2 will launch, on Friday, 27 May.

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