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FIFA 22 TOTS Swaps Rewards: Unlock these TOP prizes with your tokens

The Team of the Season promo is underway in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with multiple squads, objectives and SBCs being rolled out through the event.

Another token swaps system has also been released during the promo, bringing with it even more content to power through.

Find out everything you need to know about the Team of the Season Swaps rewards right here.

TOTS Swaps Release Date

The TOTS Swaps landed on Friday, 6 May at 1pm ET / 6pm BST, at the same time as the Premier League TOTS.

You will be able to redeem the tokens between Friday, 20 May and Friday, 27 May, when the Swaps SBCs are launched in the hub.

Full TOTS Swaps Rewards

Fut Sheriff leaked what the TOTS Swaps rewards would be, and he was spot on, with official confirmation now coming from EA.

The rewards are as follows:

  • 2 Tokens - Rare Players Pack
  • 3 Tokens - Saudi Pro League TOTS Pack
  • 3 Tokens - EFL TOTS Pack
  • 3 Tokens - Eredivisie TOTS Pack
  • 5 Tokens - Community TOTS Pack
  • 5 Tokens - Ultimate Pack
  • 7 Tokens - Bundesliga TOTS Pack
  • 10 Tokens - Premier League TOTS Pack
  • 14 Tokens - 1 of 3 Premier League of Bundesliga TOTS Player Pick
  • 14 Tokens - 25 x 84+ Rare Players Pack
  • 17 Tokens - Prime Icon Moments Ballack
  • 19 Tokens - 1 of 3 Premier League TOTS Player Pick
  • 22 Tokens - Prime Icon Moments Luis Figo

What are TOTS Swaps?

The Team of the Season Swaps will act just like previous swaps systems.

Players can earn tokens as a reward for completing specific objectives and SBCs, and also by purchasing one in the store.

There will be new Squad Building Challenges that require only those tokens to be used to complete them.

The more tokens needed to be traded in to complete the SBC, the greater the reward.

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