FIFA 22 Tips: JLingz pro's core skills you need to get a head start in FUT

FIFA 22 has been a massive success so far, with the community hailing the gameplay as the best its ever been.

That said, each FIFA iteration has its nuances, and as a result, you should change your playstyle to ride the game's meta and turn potential defeats into victories.

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We sat down with Lisa "JLingz Lisa" Manley, the latest signing for Jesse Lingard's new esports team about the key components as you start your FIFA 22 journey.


Find the net

For those who have been playing FIFA 22 since launch, finishing has perhaps been the most frustrating area for players.

Goalkeepers are incredibly good, and finding the back of the net can feel a bit random rather than having a clear method to score - but you would be mistaken.

Lisa says: "The finesse shot (R1+O/RB+B) is the most important component of FIFA 22. Even if you don't "green-time" it, it's still an overpowered thing to do from outside the box - it's easier to finesse from outside the area than it is to actually shoot in the box.

"It's hard to learn to do it, but go the skill games and have the timed shot bar on you'll learn the pattern of how long you need to wait before you need to hit shoot again. If you time it tight, you increase the chances of it going in by 20-25%."

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BEND IT IN - Timing a finesse shot from outside the box is the most powerful shot type so far

To respond to this, you need to be adept with goalkeeper movement.


"If you assume your opponent is going to go to the far right-hand side of the goal, just make sure you move your keeper a couple of steps that way (using R3/RS), and you have more of a chance of saving it."

There are other ways of scoring too, with the low driven shot (R1+L1+O/RB+LB+B) also highly destructive.

"Keepers save almost everything above waist-high, so look to shoot into the bottom corner.

"Goalkeepers that are 6'5" plus like your Nick Popes are really good, so they don't seem to save those low drivens."

Skill it out

Skill moves, can really get you out of jail, opening up opportunities that other players just can't create.

"Skill moves aren't as essential this year, but there are certain moves that are still overpowered," says Lisa.

"The simple one would be a ball roll (RS ←/→). It gets you into a better position on the pitch if you do it past a defender or a midfielder, giving you extra space to pass or strike at goal."

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EFFICIENT FLAIR - It may look flashy, but picking the right skill move at the right time is crucial

For those who want more some more advanced skills - the elastico (RS → then rotate clockwise ←) is the one to use.


"We saw Tekkz do it three times in the box and then score, but I think it's better to do it outside the box because after performing it, you get a better angle to finesse shot.

"Another one would be a ball-roll scoop (Ball roll then - O then X/B then A + LS diagonally away) as the defender doesn't know what to do as you ball roll one way and then scoop the other, so he just stands there like he's stuck in the mud."

Defending as a unit

Defending has received the biggest change this year, with backlines now defending as a unit - and it more difficult to isolate a defender one-on-one.

"You can still unlock the defence with a one-two (L1+X+X/LB+A+A), but do bear in mind passing isn't the best this year. Make sure each pass has about an 80% chance of getting there, or you will lose possession and likely get countered."

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TEAMWORK - Use teammate contain to make sure you don't get isolated at the back

When in defence, you should rely on your teammates to help you out.

"Using the second-man press (R1/RB), so you can mark the danger men in attack whilst your teammate puts pressure on the ball and a lot of the time your opponent doesn't expect it."

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