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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: Should you use an Any?

FIFA 22's most sociable game mode surely has to be Pro Clubs.

Grouping up with your mates or some randoms for a drop-in, you take control of an individual player on the pitch, working together to beat the opposition.

However, there is an option where you can control multiple players - the 'Any'.

What is Pro Clubs?

Pro Clubs is an online game mode where you create an avatar, known as a Virtual Pro, then use them in games.

The big difference is that you are only in control of one player, with others being controlled by other team members and/or the computer.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs
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STARTING FROM SCRATCH - Create your Virtual Pro and climb up the divisions

Being in charge of a single player means you need to pull together as a team to work in tandem, otherwise, you can find yourself getting out of shape very easily - especially if the defence is charging all over the place!

You take part in mini-divisions and can get promoted or relegated depending on your results.

Should you use an 'Any'?

One of the big decisions to make when playing Pro Clubs is whether someone in your squad should play the 'Any' role.

This means that person will have control of all the other players on the side that aren't being controlled by other humans.

It's personal preference, but we would advise against playing as the 'Any'.

The bots are very good defensively and can string passes together well without constant ball calling interference, whereas if you choose to play with them you may find them clunky and cumbersome.

Our choice would be to let the bots worry about the defensive side of the game, you and your mates focus on being creative and scoring goals.

However, if you don't agree with us, you can learn some tips on how to play as an 'Any' in the video below.

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