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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Best Formations: Become ELITE using the top tactics

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FIFA 22 has many different game modes, but perhaps the most social among them is Pro Clubs.

From two players up to the full XI, you and your mates can control an individual player on the pitch, working together as a team, to get more of a real game experience.

If you're finding that your side is leaking goals at the back, or just needs that slight adjustment to take you to the next level, we've got you covered with the best formations to use in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs.

Should you use an 'Any'?

One of the big decisions to make when playing Pro Clubs is whether someone in your squad should play the 'Any' role.

This means that person will have control of all the other players on the side that aren't being controlled by other humans.

It's personal preference, but we would advise against playing as the 'Any'.

The bots are very good defensively and can string passes together well - without constant ball calling interference - whereas if you choose to play with the computer-generated players you may find them clunky and cumbersome.

Our choice would be to let the bots worry about the defensive side of the game, you and your mates focus on being creative and scoring goals.

However, if you don't agree with us, you can learn some tips on how to play as an 'Any' in the video below.

4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow)

The 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow) is a great option to use if you're on the lower end of human users.

Three people can play as the strikers and CAM, ready to pounce and take the chances presented to them.

The great thing about this formation is that with more human players you can become even more effective, with the tight four-man midfield dominating possession with tiki-taka football.

You will want to use a passing game with this formation, and you may be surprised to see how easily the bots can ping the ball around in the build-up - it's like watching the Barcelona of old!

If you want a slightly more in-depth look at the formation, then check out this video:


Any variation of five at the back can be a complete game-changer in Pro Clubs.

With a packed defence the opposition will find it very hard to break down, especially with the blocking ability the bots have.

If your opponent can't score, then you've got more chance of winning, just make sure you strike fast on the counter-attack.

Again, you'll be wanting to control the forward players as a priority, but having human control of the CMs and wing-backs will let you play that long ball forward to catch teams out if they overcommit.


The 4-3-3 is one of the strongest formations in real life, and this year it has been brilliant in all FIFA 22 game modes.

This works especially well if you play the variation with a CAM, which gives you the option of a second striker getting involved.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs
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TEAMWORK - If you all know the plan, scoring goals should become easy

It may seem a bit old school, but the tactics for this style is to get it to the wide players, then drive in crosses to the men in the middle.

Play with pacey forwards and you are sure to get in behind the defence, then find an easy ball across the box and tap it into the net.

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