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Assessing Neymar's FIFA 22 rating

PSG's Brazillian superstar is perhaps one of the most exciting players to watch in world football, but what can we expect from Neymar in FIFA 22?

Neymar suffered from an injury ridden season but still managed to pick up 17 goals and 11 assists in just 31 appearances in all competitions last campaign.

We're taking an in-depth look at the Brazillian and what FIFA 22 will hold for the iconic player.

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Neymar FIFA 22 Rating

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PEAKED - Given Neymar hit a 92 rating in FIFA 17, it's a shame he didn't go any higher

Neymar is still tearing it up for PSG, but his title as king of Paris has been lost to Kylian Mbappe.

The Brazilian did sign a four-year extension to his contract earlier this season, so he isn't going anywhere soon - but you do wonder what the rest of his career looks like if he stays in the French capital.


So, we think Neymar will keep his 91 OVR in FIFA 22.

There is a chance that EA will change Neymar's position in FIFA 22, which would greatly impact his price in Ultimate Team.

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Neymar's FIFA 21 cards

Neymar claimed three different cards on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team in an injury ridden season, and you could expect to see some similar items on FIFA 22.

fifa 21 neymar 91 ovr
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BRAZILIAN FLAIR: Neymar's base card was so fun to use

First up, we have Neymar's base card, which was one of the most expensive original items in FUT.

With five-star skill moves and a five-star weak foot, along with 94 dribbling, 91 pace, 86 passing and 85 shooting, this card was just incredible.

fifa 21 totw 18 neymar 92
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INCREDIBLE IN-FORM: Neymar's TOTW 18 item was special

This TOTW 18 item was surprisingly the only in-form that Neymar received in FIFA 21.

EA boosted the Brazillian's card nicely, with a +2 boost to shooting and passing, this card terrorised Weekend League defences.

fifa 21 neymar tots 96 ovr
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CENTRAL THREAT: EA gave Neymar an awesome TOTS centre attacking mid card

Finally, we have Neymar's outrageous Team of the Season card which included 99 dribbling, 97 pace, 95 passing and 94 shooting.

This card is STILL worth a whopping 6 million coins on PlayStation and 5.3 million coins on Xbox, which shows you just how overpowered this item is.

Chemistry Styles

There are a few different options when it comes to applying a Chemistry Style to Neymar...


Hunter - this is the most obvious choice, providing a +8 pace boost, giving Naymer perfect pace, and also giving a +7 shooting boost.

Deadeye - if you want to play Neymar in a deeper playmaker role, then this is the best chemistry style for you, giving a +7 passing boost and a +9 shooting boost.

Hawk - if you are looking for a more well-rounded attacker, a Hawk is perfect, providing a +7 shooting boost, +5 pace boost and a +5 physicality boost.

Engine - if you really want to maximise Neymar's dribbling potential, then the Engine is great, boosting Neymar's balance by 10, while providing a +5 pace boost and a +6 passing boost.

Similar Players

As far as Left Wingers go in FIFA 21, it's difficult to find someone on the same level as Neymar - but if you can't afford the price tag, here's who you should consider.

Sadio Mane

fifa 21 mane 90 ovr
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LIVERPOOL LEGEND: Champions League and Premier League winner, Sadio Mane, will go down in history

Mane is perhaps the player who comes closest to Neymar in FIFA 21, but, he doesn't have the five-star skill moves or five-star weak foot that Neymar possesses.


The Liverpool winger does, however, have excellent pace (94), dribbling (90) and shooting (85).

Sadio Mane is available for 42,000 coins on PlayStation and 43,500 coins on Xbox.

Eden Hazard

fifa 21 eden hazard 88
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BELGIAN BRILLIANCE: Hazard is unplayable when at his best

Eden Hazard's unstoppable dribbles for Chelsea somewhat resemble Neymar, despite not reaching the same level with Real Madrid.


Although Hazard is not at the level of Neymar in FIFA 21, the winger's stronger stats are his dribbling (92), pace (88) and passing (83) - similar to Neymar.

The Belgian is a bargain in FUT at just 35,000 coins on PlayStation and 33,500 on Xbox.

Neymar in Career Mode

The Brazillian has just signed a four-year contract at Paris Saint Germain, so he will come at a hefty price tag in FIFA 22 Career Mode!

Neymar is also 29 years of age, so is entering the latter stages of his career, which means there is no real room for growth, and the players' decline is imminent in Career Mode.

Despite this, if you want to pay the HUGE pricetag, Neymar will be a fun card to use, or you can wait 2/3 seasons and try to pick him up for a smaller sum.