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FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 2 Countdown: NINE tokens up for grabs as objectives go live

Another set of Icon Swaps has just been released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Icon Swaps 2 has brought with it loads of new objectives and rewards, giving you the chance to get players like Thierry Henry, Steven Gerrard and Cafu into your club.

Check out all the latest Icon Swaps 2 news right here, and see what rewards the release has in store for you.

Latest - Icon Swaps 2 goes LIVE

Get ready to sink your teeth into another massive set of objectives, with Icon Swaps 2 now live in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

It's very much what we expected from the release, with no real surprises in the mix.

You can check out all the objectives right here, complete them, then bring in a legend of the game to your club.

Release Date

Icon Swaps 2 has now joined FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, adding to the content released as part of the Road to the Final promo.

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HERE WE GO AGAIN: Get ready to grind Squad Battles and Online Friendlies to rack up those Swaps tokens

Icon Swaps 2 was released on Monday, 21 February, with the new objectives and SBCs arriving at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT on the day of release.

Icon Swaps

Icon Swaps is a promo that has several releases throughout the year.

Players can earn tokens as a reward for completing specific objectives in Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and FUT Friendlies.

There will also be new Squad Building Challenges that require only those tokens to be used to complete them.

The more tokens needed to be traded in to complete the SBC, the greater the reward.


The full list of rewards has now been confirmed, and, as usual, it looks like the leakers were right!

As ever there are some high-value packs on offer such as the 25 x 83+ player packs, and these can be great for finding promo players and gathering SBC fodder.

Among the Icons on offer is plenty of World Cup winners, including Cafu, Fabio Cannavaro, and Thierry Henry.

With all these rewards and more, Icon Swaps 2 is a fantastic chance to boost your squad.

Take a look at all of the Icon Swaps 2 Rewards.

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