FIFA 22: How does Division Rivals work in Ultimate Team?

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FIFA 22 is here and players are getting stuck into Divison Rivals in Ultimate Team!

So, find out exactly how the Div Rivals competition and rewards work below.


How does Division Rivals work in FUT 22?

EA created a whole new format for Division Rivals in FIFA 22, where players effectively need to win fewer games to earn rewards.

Players can now take part in as many games as they want per week but need to secure three wins for standard rewards, or seven for upgraded rewards.

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All players start in Division 10, so you'll need to put in a bit of time to climb the ranks.

Each win moves you up a notch on the Rivals leaderboard, a loss moves you back down and a draw holds your position.

You will also earn a win streak boost after winning three games in a row, which means you will move up two places per win instead of one, so you can climb the divisions much faster!

Within each division, there are a number of checkpoints that if you reach, you cannot fall back any lower no matter how many games are lost.

Rank 3 in every division has a checkpoint attached, so it is literally impossible to be relegated once you get to a new level.

Division Rivals rewards

There are three ranks within every division, each with incrementally better rewards than the last.

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The packs and coins offered also increase dramatically as you climb the divisions.

The aim every week should be to win three or seven games, while also landing in the highest rank in the highest division possible in order to earn the best possible rewards.

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