FIFA 22: When will Adidas Numbers Up 99 cards be upgraded in FUT?

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The Adidas Numbers Up 99 promo has come to an end in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but more upgrades are on their way for the live cards very soon.

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Find out exactly how the Numbers Up cards and upgrades work in FUT 22 here.

Latest - FUT Birthday underway!

EA kicked off the FUT Birthday promo last week in Ultimate Team with an incredible Team 1 squad having been released into packs.


Cristiano Ronaldo headlined Team 1 with a ridiculous 94 OVR card, alongside fellow La Liga players Toni Kroos who has been handed a GIANT pace boost and Luis Suarez.

Everton's Brazilian midfielder Allan has been given a simply incredible card, with 80+ base stats across the board.


Young Premier League stars Jack Grealish and Martin Odegaard are also included.

Team 2 will be arriving on Friday, 11 March, replacing the Team 1 cards in packs at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

When will the Adidas cards be upgraded?

There will be two additional Numbers Up upgrades over the course of the football season.

fifa 22 ultimate team numbers up adidas team 1
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OUT NOW - Get your hands on the Adidas cards now in FUT 22

After the initial upgrade at the launch of the promo, the second upgrade took place on Wednesday, 22 December.


The third and final upgrade will come later in 2022.

Numbers Up players’ upgrades aren’t linked to real-world performances so they will still receive upgrades periodically during the season if they are injured or do not play.

How do Adidas Numbers Up 99 cards work?

Numbers Up player upgrades will occur periodically throughout the football season.

Numbers Up players will reach 99 in the specific attribute to which their boot corresponds (Dribbling/Handling, Passing, or Pace) by the end of the season, but their other attributes will also be boosted to a smaller degree.

fifa 22 adidas numbers up upgrades
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99 CLUB - When will the following upgrades land

These are how the Numbers Up upgrades will work:

  • Update 1 - Campaign Launch
  • Update 2 - +5 Numbers Up Attribute (PAC/PAS/DRI), +1 Other Attributes
  • Update 3 - 99 Numbers Up Attribute (PAC/PAS/DRI), +1 Other Attributes

From what we have seen, the stats look like they will increase depending on which model of boot the player wears!

Players who wear these models will receive the following stat boosts:

  • Adidas Predator - Dribbling
  • Adidas Copa - Passing
  • Adidas X - Pace