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FIFA 22 Goran Pandev SBC: Winter Wildcards, How to Unlock, Start & Expiry Date

FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards are the reason for the season in Ultimate Team, and the latest SBC turns their attention to veteran Goran Pandev.

We've got all the details you need to complete the FIFA 22 Goran Pandev SBC, how to unlock his card, and how long you'll have to finish things up.

FIFA 22 Goran Pandev SBC: Start & Expiry Date

Winter Wildcards are running rampant in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and that includes a new SBC for a 38-year-old veteran of the game, Goran Pandev.

FIFA 22 Sébastien Haller SBC
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TICK TOCK: Don't kick back for too long, this SBC won't last forever

You've got just one week and counting to unlock Pandev for your FIFA 22 squad, but that means you can pop him in your lineup as a Christmas Day gift to yourself.

Start Date: Sunday, 19 December at 6pm GMT

Expiry Date: Sunday, 26 December at 6pm GMT

We've also got full details here on Team 1 of Winter Wildcard, including one insane card for Neymar every player will want to have.

How to Unlock - Winter Goran Pandev SBC Requirements

Give that there is just one week to finish it up, the good news is that only one squad is needed to complete this SBC.

With this SBC, there are no packs on offer but you will snag the Winter Wildcard Goran Pandev for your Ultimate Team. He'll improve almost any Serie A squad and is a left footer, adding even more reason to put this card in your starting lineup!

The requirements are as follows:

Goran Pandev Winter Wildcard

  • Minimum 1 Serie A Player
  • Minimum Team Rating of 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 55
    • Reward: Goran Pandev Winter Wildcard

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