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FIFA 22: EA must change FLAWED Division Rivals system in Ultimate Team

There's plenty going on in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team at the moment, with the FUT Birthday promo in full swing alongside the Icon Swaps 2 campaign.

However, some users are not too happy with the Division Rivals system in FUT 22, and with good reason too...

Elite Division is not so elite

The main problem with the Division Rivals system in FIFA 22 is that it's too easy to get into and stay in the Elite Division.

Around 390,000 players are currently in the 'Elite' Division, making it, well, not really elite at all.

Of course, the casual player benefits from being able to get into the Elite Divison and claim better rewards, but why not just make rewards better in general? This would give top-tier players the chance to earn rewards that they truly deserve.

Part of the issue with Division Rivals this year is that EA removed the possibility of relegation throughout any given season completely.

Bring relegation back!

FIFA 22 players have taken to Reddit to unload their thoughts about the no relegation system in Division Rivals.

One user in particular stated:

Why am I, a div 5-4 player stuck on div 2? It makes ZERO sense.
There is no way to relax and have fun anymore.
Every single game feels like a Champs match.

You can understand this individual's frustration, as if you are a player just trying to enjoy the gameplay of FIFA 22, which is much improved this year, you don't want to be facing opponents who are levels above your standard.

Bringing relegation back would allow players to find their skill level, relax and enjoy FUT 22 game by game.

Be careful what you wish for

On the flip side, the return of the relegation system will mean players receiving worse Division Rival rewards.

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WE WANT MORE - FIFA fans are crying out for EA to improve Div Rivals rewards

Here's how Div Rival rewards work:

There are three ranks within every division, each with incrementally better rewards than the last.

The packs and coins offered also increase dramatically as you climb the divisions.

The aim every week should be to win three or seven games, while also landing in the highest rank in the highest division possible in order to earn the best possible rewards.

So, now we know that dropping down the divisions will significantly impact your rewards each week, how many people will still want to bring relegation back? We think the answer is not many.

EA can solve this problem by making the Elite Division more difficult to get into and improving rewards for EVERYBODY.

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