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FIFA 22 Contract Expiry Signings 2023: World's best available for FREE

It feels a bit like a cheat code in FIFA 22 Career Mode, but signing players on their Contract Expiry can transform your side for a fraction of what it should cost.

A lot of the best players in the game are out of contract in 2023, so make sure you take this chance to bring in the top talents around in what could be a massive transfer window for your side.

Check out who you could sign for free in FIFA 22 when their contracts expire in 2023.

What is a Contract Expiry signing?

A contract expiry signing is securing a player on a free transfer as the contract with their current club enters its final six months.

You sign the player on what is known as a pre-contract agreement, for the player to join your club on a free transfer when their current contract expires.

You can only sign players this way who have less than six months remaining on their contract and are over the age of 23.

TOP TIP: You can assign your scout to focus players who are nearing their contract expiry.

Lionel Messi (OVR 93 - POT 93)

Age: 34

Position(s): RW, ST, CF

Club: PSG

Wage: £275,000 a week

That's right, the man we never thought would leave Barcelona could move to his third club, yours, after a short spell at PSG.

We may see a drop off in pace, but the magician will still have unrivalled control on the ball, top shooting and finishing.

Robert Lewandowski (OVR 92 - POT 92)

Age: 32

Position(s): ST

Club: Bayern Munich

Wage: £232,000 a week

Arguably the most lethal finisher on the planet, Robert Lewandowski will provide guaranteed goals for your club.

He may not be at the peak of his powers in 2023, but he will still be clinical and higher rated than most other strikers in the game.

Mohamed Salah (OVR 91 - POT 91)

Age: 29

Position(s): RW

Club: Liverpool

Wage: £301,000 a week

A constant threat in and around the box, Mohamed Salah will be just past 30 when you are able to get him for free, giving you another couple of seasons in his prime.

Like with Messi, if his pace starts dropping he has more than good enough attributes to fall back on.

Cristiano Ronaldo (OVR 91 - POT 91)

Age: 36

Position(s): ST

Club: Manchester United

Wage: £232,000 a week

At the rate Cristiano Ronaldo is going he will still be scoring goals well into his fifties!

By 2023 in FIFA 22 Career Mode though, CR7 may well be looking to retire, so good luck bringing him to your club.

N'Golo Kante (OVR 90 - POT 90)

Age: 30

Position(s): CDM, CM

Club: Chelsea

Wage: £198,000 a week

A formidable force in midfield, N'Golo Kante covers every blade of grass on the pitch.

Despite being an ageing player, he will still make quite the signing, especially on a free transfer.

Jan Oblak (OVR 90 - POT 92)

Age: 28

Position(s): GK

Club: Atletico Madrid

Wage: £90,000 a week

The best goalkeeper in the game could become available for free in 2023.

Jan Oblak will only be 30 years old by then too, so he will provide a world-class option between the posts for a good few years to come, and will have reached his 93 OVR potential.

Sadio Mane (OVR 89 - POT 89)

Age: 29

Position(s): LW

Club: Liverpool

Wage: £232,000 a week

Sadio Mane is a pacey and clinical winger much like Salah, so if you can snag both players on a free it could transform your frontline.

A drop in pace should not be too drastic by 2023, but keep an eye out.

Raheem Sterling (OVR 87 - POT 87)

Age: 26

Position(s): LW, RW

Club: Manchester City

Wage: £206,000 a week

Why wouldn't you want to sign Raheem Sterling on a free?

The England international still has plenty of years ahead of him and is one of the best (and quickest) wingers in the game.

Marcus Rashford (OVR 84 - POT 88)

Age: 23

Position(s): LM, ST

Club: Manchester United

Wage: £120,000 a week

Marcus Rashford is great to play with in-game, a mix of skill, pace and power found in few players.

He can be deployed anywhere in the attacking third and will be reaching his potential rating of 88 OVR by the time 2023 rolls around.

Looking for younger free signings

Although this list has brilliant players in, a lot of them are on the older side, and you may be in the middle of a longer-term project.

Contract Expiry signings in 2022 involve a lot more youth, including the man who is set to become the best around - Kylian Mbappe.

Or, if you hold off another season, you could get the likes of Erling Haaland, Phil Foden, Matthijs de Ligt, and many more, when their contracts expire in 2024.

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