FIFA 22 Create a Club's ENDLESS custom options shown off by BFordLancer

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With FIFA 22 coming at the end of the month, a select number of EA Gamechangers have been granted early access to the game.

One of these is Jake Barford (BFordLancer48) who has shown off his experience of the new Create a Club mode in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

What is Create a Club?

An all-new addition to FIFA this season will be the Create a Club option in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

You can create your own dynasty and story, whether you want to start from the bottom and work your way to the top, or just create a juggernaut to dominate right away, the choice is yours!

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BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME - Can you go on to sign the likes of Mbappe and Van Dijk for your club?

With seemingly unlimited customisation options, you really can make your save this year exactly how you want it to be.

We can't wait to get our hands on the game, but luckily EA Gamechanger Jake Barford has shared his early access experience online!

Custom job

A feature that has been wanted for years now is kit customisation, and in Create a Club that is exactly what we have got.

This feature does look exclusive to Create a Club, so it doesn't look like you will be able to update your favourite clubs kits if you want to manage them instead.

fifa 22 create a club custom kits
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TOUGH DECISION - There looks to be plenty of choice this season

There does appear to be plenty of options when it comes to kit creation, with a lot more choice than expected as we assumed the Pro Clubs options would be available.

"I feel like I need to show you guys this because this is my first ever create a club, yo, look at the numerous options that you have man, so many options to choose from!" said Barford.

Home advantage

The custom work does not end with kits though as you can bring your own stadium to life too.

Just like the FUT Stadium feature in Ultimate Team you can change the colours of the seats, pitch lines, and building itself.

create a club fifa 22 stadium
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SHAMELESS PLUG - Barford went straight for the jugular

You can also change the pitch pattern too, with NFL lines available for the very first time in the game if you wanted to ground share!

If the custom options for kits and stadiums weren't enough, you also have the option to change them every season, keeping your Career Mode fresh.

Play your way

One of the key aspects of the new Create a Club mode is choosing how your club begins its life in the world of football.

You can select the standard of your side as well as the average age of your players too, with Barford opting for a 3.5 star-rated 'young' team.

This produced a team with the best player rated 81 OVR with most players in the mid-to-high 70s, although Barford's custom £200 million transfer budget should help him improve the squad!

create a club objectives
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SHAPE UP - Set your club's targets to achieve your dreams

Alongside the playing staff, you also need a team identity, effectively choosing an ethos for your club to work by.

With set options available as well as custom objectives, the world is your oyster.

Continental success was key for Barford, but whether you are a youth-focused or a big-spending footballing powerhouse, the choice really is yours!

Exuberance of youth

Barford made his intentions clear with the youth team by completely ignoring them.


Instead, he opted to bring in some of football's brightest talents to bolster his ranks!

Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood was his star signing, and with only the FIFA 21 ratings available in early access scouting was unnecessary.

Barford did get a nasty shock when bringing American compatriot Gio Reyna to the club as his base rating of 68 OVR saw him overpay dramatically!

Check out the full episode below including all the custom options, gameplay, and a marquee signing!

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