FIFA 22 250k Bundesliga Squad: PACE and POWER from the German League

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This 86-rated Bundesliga XI could be just the squad you need to take you up the divisions on Ultimate Team.

For around 250k some of the best players in the game can be yours, with power and pace the order of the day.

Table of Contents

We've lined up as a 3-4-2-1 to get in as many pacey attacking threats as possible, while also being solid in midfield and defence.


Manuel Neuer (OVR 90)

He fits into the budget, so why not go for the best goalkeeper in the league?

If you keep him on basic chemistry all his keeping stats get +5, making them all 93 or above!


  • PlayStation – 44,000 coins
  • Xbox – 47,250 coins

Reece Oxford (OVR 84)

Giving us more budget to play with, you can get Reece Oxford into your team for nothing by completing his Bundesliga League Player objectives.

Stick an Anchor on him and you've got yourself a free CB with the attributes of a 91 OVR rated one.


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Josko Gvardiol (OVR 81)

Playing three at the back means you need CB's with pace, and Josko Gvardiol offers that, with his 89 Sprint Speed.

He also has 85 PHY and is comfortable on the ball, so you can play out from the back.


  • PlayStation – 11,500 coins
  • Xbox – 12,000 coins

Alphonso Davies (OVR 82)

We don't like placing players out of position, but if you want to compete you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

With an Anchor on Alphonso Davies, you will be playing with a centre-back that won't get outpaced, with maximum acceleration and sprint speed.


  • PlayStation – 8,900 coins
  • Xbox – 8,300 coins

Leroy Sane (OVR 84)

The pace on the right of midfield is offered by Leroy Sane, who will stretch defences by getting in behind.

Being a left-footer, he can cut inside and deliver devastating shots on goal.


  • PlayStation – 2,500 coins
  • Xbox – 3,000 coins

Leon Goretzka (OVR 87)

Leon Goertzka's price has dropped massively from a possible 200,000 coins, so get the machine into your midfield.

He is your box-to-box powerhouse, who excels in all aspects of play.


  • PlayStation – 29,250 coins
  • Xbox – 30,000 coins

Denis Zakaria (OVR 85)

Not as quick as his TOTW card, we've opted for Rulebreakers Denis Zakaria due to its superior dribbling stats.

Still speedy for a CM, with 97 Reactions, 85 Interceptions and 98 Composure, Zakaria can swoop in and steal possession, then has top quality on the ball to carry it out of harm's way.


  • PlayStation – 24,240 coins
  • Xbox – 30,000 coins

Filip Kostic (OVR 86)

The SBC for this ROTK Filip Kostic is well expired now, so we hope you completed it when you had the chance!

An incredible card, he encapsulates the team with his pace, power, and ability to bag a goal.

If you didn't complete the SBC, his 84 OVR base card will do a similar job, costing under 3k.


  • PlayStation – 27,650 coins (SBC cost)
  • Xbox – 28,350 coins (SBC cost)

Moussa Diaby (OVR 86)

Another player we're putting slightly out of position, Moussa Diaby will be playing on the right of a front three, as a RF.

He's on the right so he can cut inside to his stronger left foot to shoot, and with top pace and agility, he can weave through defenders with ease.


  • PlayStation – 59,500 coins
  • Xbox – 57,000 coins

Erling Haaland (OVR 88)

It wouldn't be a Bundesliga team if we didn't include goal machine Erling Haaland, offering pace, power, top finishing and an aerial threat.

With a RF and LF beside him, Haaland will be a creator as much as a scorer himself, with the ability to hold the ball up before slipping in one of his pacey partners.


  • PlayStation – 24,750 coins
  • Xbox – 25,000 coins

Kingsley Coman (OVR 86)

Playing as a LF is pace merchant Kingsley Coman, who will stay central to allow Kostic to overlap.

He can also cut inside to shoot on his stronger right foot, as well as getting in behind with his 93 PAC.


  • PlayStation – 12,750 coins
  • Xbox – 13,250 coins

250k Bundesliga Team

This is how the full squad will look:

FIFA 22 250k Bundesliga Squad
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FRIGHTENING FIVE - You don't want to be defending against those front 3 and wingers


  1. PlayStation – 248,550 coins
  2. Xbox – 257,600 coins