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Make the most of your Icon Swap tokens

Icon Swaps set 2 are coming soon on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, but what to do with your set 1 tokens?

We are set to see a whole new set of objectives released soon, so make sure you know how to make the most of it.

Find out all about Icon Swap tokens below.

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Release Date

We now know that Icon Swaps 2 will arrive in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team on Friday, 19 February.

If EA follow the same format, we will see six Icon players become available to unlock, along with several different high-value packs too.

What are Icon Swap tokens?

Icon Swap tokens are 60 OVR rated cards, and they are only available by unlocking them in the Icon Swap objectives.

As they are so low-rated, you won't be using them in your squads on FUT 21.

moreno icon swap token
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SWAP SHOP - Trade these cards in for great rewards

Other than the Icon Swap rewards, these tokens are worthless as they are also untradeable.

How you use them is up to you, with several different options. In set 1, Thierry Henry was the most expensive reward, costing 17 of the 18 tokens available.

Do Icon Swap tokens carry over?

No. Unfortunately if you have not used your Icon Swap set 1 tokens, they will not be able to redeem rewards in set 2.

The cards don't expire though, so they will remain in your club.

thierry henry fifa 21 ultimate team icon
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SUPERSTAR - Who will headline Icon Swaps set 2

These players are still useable in game and can be used in other Squad Building Challenges.

However, they are 60 OVR, so if you haven't used them by now they have lost their worth.

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