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Wolfsburg’s Kevin Mbabu to receive new 87 OVR

There are now three sets of dynamic cards to keep an eye on in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

All these cards’ ratings can improve based on real life performance, but will we see any changes this week?

Take a look at who to watch out for below.

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Dynamic Cards

In recent editions of FIFA Ultimate Team, EA has introduced cards with ‘dynamic ratings’ which can change based on real-life football.

There are a variety of dynamic cards available now, and we have our eyes firmly fixed on three of those sets.

oleksandr zinchenko fifa 21 ultimate team showdown winner sbc
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+ 4
SHOWDOWN WINNER - Zinchenko got an upgrade after City's UCL win

The latest dynamic cards come from the new What If promo. Each player can receive an upgrade of +2 if their team scores a certain number of goals or keeps a clean sheet.

We also expect another set of Showdown SBCs to arrive ahead of the Champions League fixtures next week, potentially involving Barcelona v PSG.


What If

The What If promo is currently live on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and so far we have had one squad released, along with SBC players Raphinha and Wendell, and Objectives card Francesco Caputo.

For goalkeepers and defenders to receive the What If Upgrade of +2, their team must keep one clean sheet in the next five domestic matches (from when the card was released).

kevin mbabu fifa 21 ultimate team what if
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+ 4
SWISS STAR - An 87 OVR Mbabu will be an extremely popular card

For midfielders and strikes, their team must score at least six goals over the next five matches. Simple.

No team has scored six yet, after all it has only been one game for most. However, Wolfsburg did keep a clean sheet, meaning Kevin Mbabu will receive an upgrade.


Ones to Watch

The Ones to Watch (OTW) cards were the first special cards released on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

There from the start, these cards’ ratings increase when the players is selected in Team of the Week (TOTW) or European Team of the Tournament, or receives a domestic Man of the Match (MOTM), Hero or Record Breakers card.

gareth bale fifa 21 ultimate team ones to watch
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HE'S BACK - Bale looked back to his best against Burnley

The OTW cards rating matches that of the players highest-rated cards from the selection above.

This week, we expect Gareth Bale to receive his first in-form card of the season, upgrading his rating to 85 OVR.



Similar to OTW, Headliners cards also receive upgrades in line with the special cards they receive on the game.

However, the Headliners OVR stays +1 higher than their highest special card. That’s not all though, if their team wins four games in a row, they will get a +2 boost instead.

leon goretzka fifa 21 ultimate team headliners
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BOX TO BOX Goretzka boasts an impressive array of stats

For example, Bayern Munich’s Leon Goretzka has a TOTW card rated 86 OVR, making his Headliners card 88 OVR thanks to the German champions win streak.

We expect this to rise this week though, with the German set to be selected in TOTW 23.

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