FIFA 20 Volta: EA’s new game mode set to save the franchise

All "improvements" made to the game so far have been minor - we need to see more from EA.

So far EA have released all the new changes for Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team and Career Mode coming to FIFA 20.

With the release date set at September 27, EA Sports need to do more to stay above their rivals, Konami. 

PES 2020 has undergone major changes this year and looks like a real contender to EA, yet FIFA 20 is yet to excite anybody in the community.

Volta Football, which sees FIFA returns to the streets for the first time in seven years, could be the saving grace for EA this September. 

We haven’t heard any more about Volta, since its release, and with the mode set to be EA’s final deep dive in the Pitch Notes, let’s hope they are saving the best ’til last. 

Here is how Volta needs to save FIFA 20 from an imminent fall from grace.

Volta Reveal Trailer

What to expect 

Volta means 'tempo' in Italian, and the term has probably been used for FIFA's new street mode given the fast-pace nature of the game in real life. 

As Sam Rivera (lead game play producer for the FIFA franchise) announced at E3, FIFA 20 will encourage more 1-on-1 situations, making precise dribbling crucial within the game.

Hone your skills in the cage to take them out onto the pitch. Players who learn to dribble on Volta may gain an advantage in the 11-a-side game as they can showcase their flair and tricks with the new dribbling system on FIFA 20.

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As Grimes says, “trying something new” on the street can translate to doing it on the big stage, a hint at how Volta can be a platform for players to learn and master skill moves before putting them into practice.

World Mode

Taking a retro approach to the new game will go down as a refreshing treat to FIFA gamers. 

For those old enough to remember, EA will be bringing back the beloved World Mode from FIFA Street. 

With the new customisation features on FIFA 20, designing your Avatar, Clothing, footwear and tattoos should be in more depth than ever before.

You must also select your arena complete with logos to make your home turf (or tarmac) a fortress. This is where the different rules come in as you set your own rules in your own arena.

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This creates a home advantage, so choose wisely and play to your strengths!

If it is anything like the popular FIFA Street franchise, then this mode should save EA from losing their battle to Konami. 


EA have confirmed three locations: Tokyo, Amsterdam and London. 

You can now hone your skills on a rooftop, an underpass and a cage. The Amsterdam underpass throws it back to old FIFA Street days with a gritty urban atmosphere. 

The UK cage has a place in all of our hearts, EA are taking it back to where most professionals started and it will be your chance to shine on the streets.

The Tokyo Rooftop, though, is our pic of the bunch – with floodlights beaming through the neon-filled skyline. It’ll be the arena we use most for sure.

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No Micro-transactions or pay-to-win mentality? It sounds like EA have really listened to the community after all.

For those who can remember 'Rule the Street' will also remember how great it felt to steal one of your opponents player's and put him in your own team. FIFA 20 will have a similar situation but with an in-game currency.

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You can even steal their avatar! Don’t worry though, if you taste defeat you will not lose any players as your opponent will receive a duplicate.

Another similarity to the original game is the growth of your avatar, playing games and training will improve your player and traits being available to model your player in your own unique way.

Volta news will be the final snippet of information before the release of the game. 

What do you make of the changes to FIFA 20

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