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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: TOTT Tagliafico Full Review

Another free card is up for grabs! This time it’s 86-rated TOTT Group Stage Tagliafico. 

As part of the new Objectives in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, certain special cards can be earned by completing objectives in modes like Rivals and Online Friendlies. This time it’s Ajax LB Tagliafico that is available, and what a great card it is.

To get your hands on this card, the objectives are fairly simple and shouldn’t take you too long. The objectives are as follows:

  • Rival Goals - Score using Eredivisie players in three separate Rivals matches
  • Defensive Double - Assist and score using defenders in the same Squad Battles match on min. Semi-Pro difficulty
  • Winning Feeling - Score using Argentinian players in four separate Rivals wins
  • Transition Passer - Assist using defenders in five separate Rivals matches
  • Battle Winner - Win two Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty using at least five Argentinian players in your starting squad

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Not bad for an 86-rated player in a position with few cards of this level . We definitely recommend claiming this card if you have the time. Even if he doesn’t make your starting squad, this card will make an excellent super sub CDM.

Nicolas Tagliafico (OVR 86)

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Age: 27


Position: LB

Club: Ajax

Country: Argentina

Best stats: 95 stamina, 86 balance, 85 pace

Cost: Earned through Objectives

Tagliafico joined Ajax in 2017 from Argentinian side Indepeniente. Since then he has gone on to secure the LB spot at Ajax, making 53 appearances and being a pivotal part of the club’s Champions League triumphs last season. 

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For a left back, Tagliafico’s 86-rated card has very good pace, with 82 acceleration and 85 sprint speed. Not the fastest by any means, but fast enough, and with an Anchor or a Shadow you’ll be able to boost that rating up to 89 or 96, depending on which chemistry style you opt for. 



In the dribbling department, this card is very good too. With 81 agility and 86 balance, he will be very comfortable on the ball, going forward as well as while jockeying to defend. 85 reactions is also very handy for a defensive card like this this, and with 85 composure, he won’t make a lost of mistakes while under pressure. 


Tagliafico’s passing and distribution is also very good, with 84 crossing and 81 short passing. Whilst not the best passing LB in the game, he will still be very reliable when making passes and through balls to overlapping wingers. 

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Defending is where this card comes into its own, with an incredible 93 rating in this department. 87 interceptions, 88 defensive awareness, 82 standing tackle and 83 sliding tackle all speak for themselves and make Tagliafico a defender you can really rely on when you need it. 


This 86-rated card also has tremendous physicality stats with 90 jumping, 88 aggression and 95 stamina. 96 stamina means he will literally run around at his full capacity for 90 minutes, and 88 aggression means he is a natural tackler and will win most 50/50s. 

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BREAKDOWN: Tagliafico's stats shown with no chemistry boosts.



Being a LB, shooting is a fairly irrelevant stat, but it is worth nothing that in this section Tagliafico has 80 positioning, meaning he will find his way into dangerous positions naturally when attacking and might bag you the odd goal or assist.


Overall, this is a great card, especially when you consider it will cost you literally nothing other than time to get your hands on. Get him in your team as soon as you can, or at the very least, find a spot for him on your bench and see what he has to offer!

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In terms of chemistry style, we recommend using a Shadow or an Anchor for the best results. A Shadow will boost Tagliafico’s pace to an awesome 96, and his defending to 93, turning him into a defensive beast.

If you would prefer to distribute your stat boots more evenly however, an Anchor will boost this card’s pace to 89, and its defending to 93 and 89 respectively, which we think is most suitable if you plan on using it as a CDM off the bench.

Well worth it!

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