FIFA 20: SPL TOTSSF Romarinho Season Objectives - How to unlock, in-game ratings, card review & more

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The Saudi Pro League TOTSSF is here!

It was an unexpected launch by EA on Monday evening but there are some very nice cards in amongst the squad - including Cristian Guanca who you can go and grab via the SBC market.

As always, there is a player you can earn via a new set of Season Objectives. That man is Brazilian striker Romarinho.

Here is the rundown on how to get him in your squad.

How to unlock TOTSSF Romarinho

As always, there are four objectives that need completing in order to have this Romarinho card in your side. They are as follows:

  • Saudi Pro Scorer - Score in 3 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using Saudi Pro League playersObjective Reward - One Two Players Pack
  • Pacey Poacher - Score 2 goals in 2 separate Squad Battles matches on min. World Class difficulty (or Rivals) using players with min. 85 PACObjective Reward - One Gold Pack
  • Skillful Setup - Assist a goal in 3 separate Rivals matches using players with min. 4* Skill MovesObjective Reward - One Small Electrum Players Pack
  • Samba in Saudi - Score and Assist in 4 Rivals wins using Brazilian playersObjective Reward - One Electrum Players Pack

TOTSSF Romarinho In-Game Stats

Romarinho In Game Stats
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Worth the grind?

100%. This is one of the easiest sets of objectives you’ll see and it’s for an 89-rated TOTS player!

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Yes, he might not get into your starting XI (unless you have a Brazilian squad) but given the ease of these obejctives and the fact he has some very nice stats, it’s definietly worth completing.

romarinho totssf objectives fifa 20
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The first two objectives can be completed in just three games on Squad Battles and you don’t even have to win the games! Whilst the second two objectives can be completed in as few as four Rivals matches.

With 91-rated finishing , 90-rated drbbling and 92 OVR pace, this is going to be a nice card to bring on off the bench. You can get these objectives completed in a single sitting. Get it done!

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