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FIFA 20 Reddit: Frustrated Gamers share dismay over broken skill moves

Furious FIFA 20 gamers have taken to Reddit yet again to share their dismay over EA's latest instalment of the football game.

Players are now complaining that skill moves are simply not working. This news comes just a day after FIFA 20's latest patch, but it seems that not all issues have been addressed.

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One disgruntled gamer stated that "I’ve been playing player career mode, and just had a Europe league match, honest to god, literally nothing, my skill stick was completely unresponsive the entire match"

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Another user responded, claiming the issue has carried across to other games modes including VOLTA; "I was playing Volta yesterday and my 4* skill player would not do the L1 fancy roulette".

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The responses kept rolling in, with the general conclusion that "skilling was nerfed into the ground this year", with one gamers stating that they'd "already quit the game for now unless it gets fixed".


You can find the full Reddit post here.

So, amidst all the complaints, is FIFA 20 worth your money, or is PES 2020 the better option?

At Realsport, we think that PES 2020 still lacks the licences to compete with FIFA’s realism and its online matchday feature cannot seriously challenge FIFA Ultimate Team in terms of personal user experience.

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However, PES matches are genuinely enjoyable to play, packing plenty of attacking football. Also, Master League is pretty great – if FIFA’s changes to Career Mode do not make an impactful improvement, there will be no doubt regarding which game has the better single-player mode.


FIFA meanwhile, feels like just more of the same. EA has to now seriously rethink what they produce in the series, as gamers are no longer falling for a rehashed version each year – FIFA 19 sold 35% less than its predecessor FIFA 18 during the opening week.

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