FIFA 20 New Icons: Investment Guide – which legend should you sign?

With 14 new FUT Icons, here are the guys you should be spending your coins on.

by Josh Sakayam

The new FIFA 20 Icons have a great aura about them, we cannot wait to try out the legends we aspired towards while growing up.

Zidane, Drogba and Dalglish are the Icons we cannot wait to try but there are some other great candidates.

We will help you learn more about each player and which ones will make a great investment in FIFA 20.

Zinedine Zidane (OVR 91 – 96 – 94)

All 3 Zidane Icon cards will be super expensive in FIFA 20.

Check out this video that EA has made to celebrate Icon Zidane in FIFA 20.

Despite all three cards looking attractive, the mid-Icon Zidane (94 rated) will probably have poor stamina given Zidane’s real-life age for this card. Since high stamina is pertinent, effectively this could lead to the 91 or 96 Zidane being the better purchase.

If you have the coins, the 91 rated Zidane could be a very nice investment a few weeks or months into FIFA 20.

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From last year, we could compare a similar player to Zidane, Ruud Gullit, whose price spiked at the beginning of December before falling as TOTY’s came into packs.

Another thing to recognise is that base Icons will have SBCs in February 2020, so you definitely want to get rid of your 91 Zidane before that event and then repurchase/complete his SBC.

Carlos Alberto (OVR 90 – 93 – 87)

Carlos Alberto has an interesting base Icon card since he is a CB with 82 pace. The only downside with this card is his height at 5 ft 11″. We must wait to see what his work rates are, but his middle and prime Icon cards look spectacular

Carlos Alberto FIFA 20 Icon

He will be a nice strong link with the Brazilians you want to have in your team from different leagues. Despite his height, 87 Carlos Alberto look’s like a very good investment, having five stats above 80 and a defending stat of 88.

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If you have the coins you should definitely purchase him early, as like 91 Zidane, expect his price to drop steeply in February 2020.

Andrea Pirlo (OVR 90 – 92 – 88)

Pirlo has some decent cards, but knowing what the meta tends to be for FIFA games we don’t think he will be incredibly valuable.

Pirlo FIFA 20 Icon

In previous FIFAs he had low stamina, strength and aggression which sadly made him not very useable on FIFA.

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Hopefully, with the new gameplay on FIFA 20, Pirlo will be more effective with his above 90 passing and dribbling! We suggest avoiding investing in Pirlo, unless you can get your hands on 92 Pirlo.

Didier Drogba (OVR 87 – 91 – 89)

Didier Drogba looks extremely good in FIFA 20. This card is one we cannot wait to use. His tifo in Stamford Bridge looks amazing also!

Didier Drogba FIFA 20 Icon

The prime 91 Drogba Icon will be pretty expensive, he has 3 stats above 90 and will surely finish almost every chance he gets while bullying the majority of defenders in the game.

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You should invest in any of the three Drogba versions, it will just come down to your budget. The 91 Drogba looks to be an expensive purchase but one that should appreciate as pacey, deadly and tank sized strikers are a rarity at the beginning/mid-stage of FIFA.

Michael Essien (OVR 85 – 90 – 87)

Michael Essien has a nice-looking FIFA 20 prime Icon card. Funnily enough, his base Icon card looks almost better than his mid icon card.

Since his mid Icon card only has 77 pace while having almost the same defending but worse physicality. We think the base card will be a profitable purchase, especially since it shouldn’t be that expensive being an 85 rated card.

Ian Rush (OVR 87 – 91 – 89)

Ian Rush looks like a relatively decent player but given that he will probably not have over 3-star skill moves and is not amazing at anything else bar shooting, his price will be pretty cheap for an icon.

Ian Rush FIFA 20 Icon Ratings

He is 5ft 11 and will not have sensational strength or extreme pace, so we cannot see him being expensive.

John Barnes (OVR 89 – 87 – 86)

John Barnes looks like an interesting card, given his power and decent pace. His prime icon card looks like a card we’d like to try, however despite having 90 pace we are not sure how he would do against most pacey fullbacks.

That’s why we think his base icon CAM card might be a nice shout. You could try him in CF/ST where his muscle and power should make him very effective.

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We are almost certain that some popular YouTubers will do videos about the 86 Barnes card, so he is definitely a good investment early on if you have a lot of FUT coins.

Pep Guardiola (OVR 90 – 87 – 85)

We think Pep Guardiola will generate quite a lot of ‘hype’ when FIFA 20 is released. Mostly, because he is renowned as the best football manager in the world.

Many would love to have a team managed by Pep Guardiola (bought as a manager on FIFA 20), captained by an Icon Pep Guardiola. It would be a pretty special sight. Disregarding the sentiment, his base and middle Icon cards do not look spectacular.

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His prime 90 rated cards look competitive and should be quite a nice investment considering the plethora of Spaniards from different leagues. He always was a workhorse, so should have some nice stamina and be relatively robust in midfield.

Kenny Dalglish (OVR 87 – 92 – 90)

Kenny Dalglish has 3 very nice looking FIFA 20 Icon cards. Honestly, there are relatively insignificant differences between any of them. 

What will be interesting to observe are the stamina differences between the three cards, when the data becomes available.

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Liverpool fans will absolutely flock to getting their Anfield hero into their FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. Any Icon of Dalglish is a very good investment in FIFA 20.

Garrincha (OVR 94 – 90 – 92)

Garrincha should be extremely expensive to buy on FIFA 20. The only thing that can work against him is the 90 pace and the RW position.

Most people want their wingers to have pace well into the 90s as more special cards get released into the game.

If Garrincha was a CF, his price would be significantly more than what he will cost in FIFA 20. Despite this, it is worth checking out his reviews on YouTube as the game comes out.

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If people do not really notice any issue with his pace and find that his dribbling is out of this world which his card suggests, we may have a player well into the millions.

Hugo Sanchez (OVR 89 – 92 – 87)

Hugo Sanchez looks to have three good FIFA 20 Icon cards. The 92 rated Hugo Sanchez looks superb. Having three stats in the 90s he will be highly effective. 

Being 5’9″, you could pair him with a bigger striker to have a deadly partnership. The 87 Sanchez looks like one to avoid as he should have relatively low stamina.

Ronald Koeman (OVR 88 – 91 – 85)

In real life, watching Ronald Koeman play was an absolute joy. No CB ever has been as effective at attacking and scoring goals/free kicks as Ronald Koeman.

The only issue is that in FIFA 20 it is unlikely that he as a CB will have many striking opportunities. It would be catastrophic for your formation and defending if you would constantly drag him out of position to take advantage of his long shots.

Not only was he amazing at shooting but his passing was incredible. He could thread a through ball better than almost any CB who ever existed. Unfortunately, it is unlikely he will have many opportunities to put a killer ball through from his position.

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His cards certainly look fun, but being 5’11” and not having loads of pace or incredible strength we do not think there is not much merit in investing in a Ronald Koeman Icon card. The only caveat being that his price rises through montage videos of his shooting/passing or people just wanting to have fun.

Gianluca Zambrotta (OVR 89 – 86 – 87)

Gianluca Zambrotta looks to be an interesting investment opportunity. There are few amazing Italian CBs in leagues other than Serie A. Therefore, you would most likely go with Sandro for your LB in a Serie A team.

However, there are seldom quality RBs, especially since Joao Cancelo has moved from Juventus to Man City. Also, from the established Icons, Zanetti is the only direct rival from the Icon options and honestly Zambrotta looks like a better card than him.

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However, Carlos Alberto who we looked at the beginning of this article looks to be a strong rival to Zambrotta. Regardless, the 86 or 89 Zambrotta could prove to be a tidy investment.

Ian Wright (OVR 85 – 89 – 87)

Ian Wright honestly doesn’t have amazing stats apart from decent shooting stats. He will not be the strongest of players and not the tallest at 5ft 9.

Also, his dribbling is not great for a striker. What might increase his value is that he is a popular player, especially among Arsenal fans!


To summarise, you should continually check Futbin for their FIFA 20 database in the days leading to the release of the FIFA 20 Web App.

Thus, you can check the in-game stats for these players. You want to be sure that the player has at least 80 stamina, good work rates for their position and 4 star plus skill moves/weak foot.

These new Icons are better investments at the beginning stages of FIFA than the existing Icon players, as everyone wants to try new players out.

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