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FIFA 20: End of an Era Aritz Aduriz SBC - Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Player Review, Estimated Cost & more

The end of the season is fast approaching in many a European league and, as a result, so is the career of many talented footballers.

Manchester City midfielder David Silva - who will leave the club at the end of the 2019/20 season - was awarded an End of an Era SBC on Friday night and now it’s the turn of another Spanish veteran, Bilbao striker Aritz Aduriz.

A hip injury forced the 39-year-old into an early retirement but it was fitting that his last goal in professional football was an 89th-minute match winning scissor-kick against Barcelona. Not bad ay?

He has been awarded a massive 96-rated End of an Era SBC card. Here are all the details about the newest addition to FUT.

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Expiry Date

This End of an Era Aduriz card won’t be available to unlock for long! It will be live for just two days, expiring on Tuesday, June 16.

Requirements and Estimated Cost


Given that it’s a 96-rated card, you might expect to have to submit three or four squads in order to unlock this Aduriz card. You’d be wrong.

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There is just one squad that needs submitting in order to unlock this End of an Era card. The requirements are as follows:

Aritz Aduriz

  • Minimum of one LaLiga Santander player
  • Minimum of one TOTSSF, TOTW or TOTW Moments players
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 70

TOTAL COST: 82.25k PS4 / 76.9k Xbox One

Worth it?

Given the fact that he’s 96-rated, a big fan favourite and under 100k, many players will complete this card for the nostalgia alone.

Aduriz EA Promo
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However whilst he does have some very nice stats, particularly when it comes to shooting (97 OVR) and physicality (98 OVR), Aduriz is lacking in some very important areas.


For starters, his 70 rated agility and 66 balance are big issues given the way the FIFA 20 meta. Agility (70 OVR) and balance (66 OVR) are very important in this game and, given that he’s a big forward, he’s going to feel very clunky with those low stats.

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The other issue is his stamina. 66-rated stamina is simply awful at this stage of FIFA. He’s not going to last you a full 90-minutes and he’s not really the kind of player you’re going to want to bring off the bench.

He’s not a bad card by any stretch of the imagination, but don’t be fooled by his overall. He’s not going to be amazing. Although at under 100k, he’s probably still good value for money.

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