FIFA 20 Career Mode: All the best young left wingers (LW & LM) to sign in Career Mode – Sane, Coman, Asensio

Looking for the next Eden Hazard? These guys will be ripping it up on the left in Career Mode.

Wide players are becoming increasingly crucial in the modern game and are capable of unlocking the full potential of your attack.

The modern winger is required to have pace, power and strong shooting skills, as well as the conventional dribbling and crossing ability.

Find the right LW or LM for your team and they could become your most dangerous player.

How to choose the best young wingers (LW & LM) for FIFA 20 Career Mode

Here we are looking at the best young left wingers (LW) and left midfielders (LM) aged between 20 and 23 years old. They will all start the 2019/20 season with a rating of at least 76, with the potential to improve to at least 80. Manage these wingers right and you will see your efforts returned.

Bear in mind, occasionally players can outgrow their potentials, providing they perform exceptionally well for a long period. These high potential youngsters don’t cost as much as established world class wingers, but they will still make a dent in your transfer budget.

For a full list of ALL the best young wingers (LW & LM) on Career Mode, look at the table at the end of this page. 

Leroy Sane (OVR 86 – POT 92)

Age: 23

Position(s): LW

Club: Manchester City

Country: Germany

Value: £54.9 million (Release Clause: £112.5 million)

Wage: £176,000 a week

Since joining City in 2016, Sane has produced a sensational 39 goals and 45 assists for the Manchester-based club. The German has helped the current English champions win two Premier League titles, two English League Cups and one FA Cup during his time in Manchester.

It is therefore unsurprising that Sane will set you back £90 million and wages of £176,000 a week. He may not be cheap, but with stats like 96 rated sprint speed, 88 rated dribbling and 87 rated shot power, he’s worth every penny.

Kingsley Coman (OVR 84 – POT 88)

Age: 23

Position(s): LM, RM, LW

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: France

Value: £36.5 million (Release Clause: £62.9 million)

Wage: £108,000 a week

Kingsley Coman has spent four seasons with Bayern (the first two on loan from Juventus), and in that time, has won four consecutive Bundesliga titles. Perhaps he’s ready for a new challenge?

The Frenchman’s 91 sprint speed, 87 dribbling and 87 ball control can all be yours for the price of his £62.3 million release clause and his £108,000 a week wage demands.

Marco Asensio (OVR 83 – POT 87)

Age: 23

Position(s): LW, RW

Club: Real Madrid

Country: Spain

Value: £30.6 million (Release Clause: £65 million)

Wage: £162,000 a week

Marco Asensio first broke in to the Real Madrid team in 2016. His 18/19 season was his best so far, making 8 La Liga assists in 30 appearances. Nevertheless, Los Blancos ended the year trophyless; maybe you could tempt the Spaniard away with the promise of silverware?

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Asensio has fantastic all round stats for a winger including, 86 shot power, 85 dribbling and 82 crossing and passing. The Madrid wide man is a talented playmaker and thus will cost you £54 million and £162,000 a week in wages.

Anthony Martial (OVR 83 – POT 88)

Age: 23

Position(s): LW, ST, LM

Club: Manchester United

Country: France

Value: £31.1 million (Release Clause: £61.3 million)

Wage: £126,000 a week

Since joining Man United in 2015, Martial has contributed 50 goals and 30 assists in 177 appearances for the Premier League club. His reputable numbers mean he is now a regular starter and therefore his experience would serve your team well.

The United wide-man will cost you £54 million to sign, as well as his £126,000 a week wages. For this price, you’ll be signing a player with fantastic sprint speed (89), dribbling (87) and finishing (82) stats.

Mikel Oyarzabal (OVR 82 – POT 89)

Age: 22

Position(s): LW, LM, RW

Club: Real Sociedad

Country: Spain

Value: £27.9 million (Release Clause: £64.2 million)

Wage: £35,000 a week

Mikel Oyarzabal is a product of the Real Sociedad youth system and has paid back their faith in him with 13 goals and 4 assist in the 2018/19 La Liga season. The Spaniard also helped his national team win the under 21 European Championship in 2019.

This young talent has three key stats that you need from a winger; 85 dribbling, 86 finishing and 82 crossing. Evidently, Oyarzabal will keep defenders guessing as he attacks down the left channel. His services will cost you £45 million and £35,000 a week in wages.

Leon Bailey (OVR 82 – POT 88)

Age: 21

Position(s): LW, RW

Club: Bayer Leverkusen

Country: Jamaica

Value: £27.5 million (Release Clause: £52.2 million)

Wage: £58,000 a week

Bailey joined Leverkusen in January 2017 and has since made a steady contribution of 19 goals and 12 assists in 89 appearances. But if you were to unlock his potential of 88, he could help take your team to the next level.

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The Jamaican is dangerous with the ball at his feet, with 86 dribbling and 86 agility; not to mention he can fly past defenders with his 90 sprint speed. Although his release clause is £52.2 million, you can land the winger for just £40 million and his £58,000 a week wage after negotiations.

David Neres (OVR 81 – POT 86)

Age: 22

Position(s): LW, RW, CAM

Club: Ajax

Country: Brazil

Value: £21.6 million (Release Clause: £31.9 million)

Wage: £23,000 a week

David Neres had a sublime 2018/19 season; with Ajax he won an Eredivisie medal and the Dutch domestic cup, whilst on the national stage he was crowned as a Copa America winner. Not forgetting, the Brazilian helped Ajax reach the semi-final of the Champions League.

His 88 rated dribbling, coupled with his five star skills, make him a flair master, and so he will have no problem beating defenders. Neres’ £31.9 million release clause is an absolute bargain, along with his low wage demands of £23,000 a week; he has to be a consideration for any manager looking to bring in a winger.

Rony Lopes (OVR 80 – POT 85)

Age: 23

Position(s): LM, LW

Club: Sevilla

Country: Portugal

Value: £18 million (Release Clause: £39.2 million)

Wage: £17,000 a week

Rony Lopes had a fantastic season for Monaco in 17/18, scoring 15 goals and making seven assists. However, his last season was not nearly as fruitful, with only two goals and two assists in the 18/19 season. He has moved to Sevilla this summer but could you poach him from the Spanish club and help him fulfill his full potential?

Lopes has quick feet with 84 rated dribbling and decent crossing and finishing stats of 77. With some training and experience he could become a complete left winger. You can either pay his £39.2 million release clause to sign him immediately, or wait until the January 2020 and offer Sevilla £33 million; Lopes’ wage demands will likely rise to £30,000 a week.

Milot Rashica (OVR 79 – POT 85)

Age: 23

Position(s): LW, CF, RW

Club: Werder Bremen

Country: Kosovo

Value: £15.8 million (Release Clause: £29.9 million)

Wage: £29,000 a week

Milot Rashica joined Bundesliga team Werder Bremen back in January 2018. In his first full season (18/19), the Kosovan managed 12 goals and six assists; respectable numbers for any left winger.

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Rashica is a tricky winger with 87 sprint speed, 90 agility and 84 dribbling; he is sure to cause problems for your opposition’s defence. His release clause will set you back £29.9 million, with wages of £29,000 a week.

Christian Pulisic (OVR 79 – POT 86)

Age: 20

Position(s): LW, RW

Club: Chelsea

Country: United States

Value: £16.2 million (Release Clause: £34 million)

Wage: £76,000 a week

Pulisic had a decent final year with Dortmund, scoring seven goals and getting six assists across all competitions. After signing for Chelsea in January 2019 and being loaned back to his old club, Pulisic has now joined the London club in their latest Premier League campaign.

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If you activate the American’s £34 million release clause and cover his £76,000 wage bill, you will sign a useful winger whose strongest stats consist of 87 sprint speed and 85 dribbling.

All the best young wingers (LW & LM) on FIFA 20

PlayerAge Pos ClubCountryOVRPOTValueWage
L. Sane 23 LW Man City Germany 86 92 £54.9M £176K
K. Coman 23 LM
Bayern Munich France 84 88 £36.5M £108K
Marco Asensio 23 LW
Real Madrid Spain 83 87 £30.6M £162K
A. Martial 23 LW
Man Utd France 83 88 £31.1M £126K
Oyarzabal 22 LW
Real Sociedad Spain 82 89 £27.9M £35K
L. Bailey 21 LW
Bayer Leverkusen Jamaica 82 88 £27.5M £58K
David Neres 22 LW
Ajax Brazil 81 86 £21.6M £23K
Rony Lopes 23 LM
Sevilla Portugal 80 85 £18M £17K
M. Rashica 23 LW
Werder Bremen Kosovo 79 85 £15.8M £29K
C. Pulisic 20 LW
Chelsea USA 79 86 £16.2M £76K
A. Iwobi 23 LM
Everton Nigeria 79 84 £15.3M £65K
Galeno 21 LW Braga Brazil 77 84 £11.3M £12K
Cordoba 22 LW Athletic Bilbao Spain 77 83 £10.8M £21K
M. Vargas 22 LW
Espanyol Argentina 77 86 £12.2M £24K
Alex Berenguer 23 LM
Torino Spain 77 82 £10.8M £33K
M. Terrier 23 LW
Lyon France 76 84 £10.4M £48K
J. Brekalo 21 LW
Wolfsburg Croatia 76 84 £10.4M £30K
F. Kamano 23 LW
Bordeaux Guinea 76 80 £9M £26K
T. Bongonda 23 LM LW RM Genk Belgium 76 82 £9.5M £13K

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