FIFA 20 Beta: What do we know so far about the new features in Ultimate Team

The trial of the game is revealing various leaks online but does it deliver for all things online?

But what has the FIFA 20 Beta shown us? Here’s a rundown of all the key takeaways from Ultimate Team and online play in the early trial of the game.

Online gameplay

As with the regular gameplay in the FIFA 20 Beta, the FUT 20 gameplay feels much slower than its predecessor. 

It takes some getting used to, players can no longer play that quick one-two and have their winger run in behind the defence with ease, there is more of a focus on the intricate passing and possession-based side of the game.

Physicality is also a big factor. The nerfing of the pace means being able to hold off a centre-back when you're running in on goal is now more effective than ever, expect to see a whole load more Harry Kanes and Romelu Lukakus in FUT Champions next year.

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As we already know, Icons will be back in FIFA 20, with some new faces, including Chelsea legend Didier Drogba and Liverpool duo John Barnes and Ian Rush, making their way to the popular game mode.

Unfortunately, these new Icons are not yet available in the Beta, however last year's Icons are all available, but there is no Prime or Prime Moments versions of those cards.

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Whether we will see these versions of the cards is yet unknown, however the FIFA community didn’t take too well to the Prime Icon Moment cards when they were released last year, so it wouldn’t be a shock to see these removed from the game completely. 

Plus, with over 100 Icons set to appear on FIFA 20, having three versions of each card would give 300+ Icon items in the game. Perhaps it's time for EA to have just one card per legendary player. 

Season Objectives

Daily and weekly objectives are well and truly a thing of the past as season objectives finally give players a reason to go out and complete those obscure challenges.

As revealed by EA in their Pitch Notes earlier this month, Season Objectives will be released in four ways: Daily, Weekly, Season and Dynamic Objectives, with the rewards definitely worth working for.

Players who have had access to the Beta have received a whole range of rewards for completing these tasks, from coin rewards to high-end packs, including the 125,000 coin Ultimate Pack.

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Unfortunately, the objectives packs in the Beta are all untradeable, again whether this will be the case when the full version of the game is released is unknown, however it seems likely that EA will choose to go down the untradeable route.

Coin Boosts

Another nice new feature from the Beta is the revamping of coin boosts. Coin boosts are always a handy tool at the start of FIFA, giving players a head start on their squad building.

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Previously, players could only purchase these coin boosts through the catalogue on past FIFAs. But on this year’s game, you can unlock coin boosts through your XP on seasons progress all year round. A lot better than those bronze contract packs from FIFA 19, eh?

Player Ratings

There is no update to the player ratings from FIFA 19, but that isn't out of the ordinary. Player ratings ate usually revealed in instalments in early September in the buildup to the games full release.

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What's the verdict?

EA have got the little things right. The change from daily/weekly challenges to season objectives is a highlight, not something that the community was crying out for but definitely a welcome addition.

Whilst the gameplay is noticeably slower and will take some getting used to, the addition of new game modes such as Volta Football and FUT Friendlies makes this year's edition of Ultimate Team one for fans to look forward too.

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