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14 Oct 2019

FIFA 20 best formation: The 3-5-1-1 is so powerful EA supposedly won't let you use it on Ultimate Team

Picking the right formation can have a huge impact in FIFA 20. But there's one set up that's so powerful, you're not able to use it in Ultimate Team.

It's called the 3-5-1-1 formation - and it's an absolute monster.

The aggressive line-up involves flooding the midfield to exploit space down the flanks – providing you have enough pace on the wings, that is.

So, how come it's not in Ultimate Team?

The theory is that EA does not want any ‘game breaking’ formations.

FIFA 18 fans noticed the 3-5-1-1 wasn't accessible in Ultimate Team - and this is the same in FIFA 20

The above essentially gives you six midfielders, which would completely dominate the middle of the park.

But there is some hope.

There’s another formation that many believe is the most effective to score goals – 4-3-3.

Now, this is a really aggressive setup, so you’ll need your three strongest strikers up front. Put your best scorer in the middle – and the two pacier players on the wings. Make sure you've got a strong CAM too.

Good luck!