FIFA 20: Top 10 Right Backs (RB & RWB) to buy on Career Mode & Ultimate Team – Kimmich, Carvajal, Cancelo & more

If you’re looking for nothing short of the best, these right backs are the guys you need to sign.

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Life as a fullback is about so much more than defending in modern football – those who play there must have supreme athleticism as they are required to both attack and defend in kind, which means a hell of a lot of running.

Tackling, dribbling, crossing, and even shooting skills are all a necessity for a top right back. Luckily, RealSport is here to help you find the right man.


How to choose the best right backs (RB & RWB) for FIFA 20 career mode

Here we are looking at the best right backs (RBs & RWBs) with a rating of at least 78 and a potential of at least 82. As we’ve mentioned, right backs require a high level of skill to perform for top teams, so be ready to part with some serious cash to secure these defenders’ signatures. 

For a full list of ALL the best right backs (RB & RWB) on Career Mode, look at the table at the end of this page. 

Joshua Kimmich (OVR 86 – POT 89)

Age: 24

Position(s): RB, CDM, CM

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: Germany

Best stats: 94 stamina, 91 crossing, 87 short passing

Career Mode value: £43.2 million (Release Clause: £74.5 million)

Wage: £113,000 a week

FUT Price: 12k PS4 / 13k Xbox One

It’s fair to say that Kimmich has never been better than he is now – the German man has now amassed almost 200 appearances for Bayern and has been elected as Club Captain this season, at just 24 years of age.

Kimmich’s in-game stats suit the modern attacking fullback down to a tee – his 85 ball control and 86 aggression means he is unlikely to be dispossessed, whilst his 87 short passing and incredible 91 crossing demonstrate his attacking capabilities.

Dani Carvajal (OVR 85 – POT 86)

Age: 27

Position(s): RB

Club: Real Madrid

Country: Spain

Best stats: 90 stamina, 85 sliding tackle, 84 aggression

Career Mode value: £34.2 million (Release Clause: £72.7 million)

Wage: £185,000 a week

FUT Price: 10.75k PS4 / 11k Xbox One

Carvajal is a product of the Real Madrid youth system – at 27 years old, the defender is approaching/in his prime, so it’s no surprise he ranks so high in the top ten right back.

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His strongest stats may have a focus on defending, with 83 defensive awareness and 84 aggression, but his 83 sprint speed, 84 crossing and 84 ball control show that he is just as capable in attack as defence.


Joao Cancelo (OVR 84 – POT 89)

Age: 25

Position(s): RB

Club: Manchester City

Country: Portugal

Best stats: 92 stamina, 90 sprint speed, 86 crossing

Career Mode value: £32.9 million (Release Clause: £63.2 million)

Wage: £135,000 a week

FUT Price: 29.5k PS4 / 29k Xbox One

Joao Cancelo has now made 11 appearances for Guardiola’s squad and surely there are many more to come.

Again, Cancelo has fantastic attacking attributes with 86 crossing and 85 dribbling. His defensive stats are decent enough (79 defensive awareness and 80 standing tackle), but if you sign him on Career mode, his tackling and positioning are areas to work on.

Kyle Walker (OVR 84 – POT 84)

Age: 29

Position(s): RB

Club: Manchester City

Country: England

Best stats: 94 sprint speed, 89 stamina, 86 shot power

Career Mode value: £23 million (Release Clause: £42.5 million)

Wage: £149,000 a week

FUT Price: 64k PS4 / 55.5k Xbox One

Kyle Walker is now in his third season with Man City and has won two Premier League medals, one FA Cup and two League Cups with the team – you could say he’s had a reasonably successful tenure in Manchester…

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Despite being nearly 30 years old, the Englishman’s physical attributes are superb, as he possesses 89 stamina and 94 sprint speed. Walker’s 84 standing tackles and 81 crossing means he can both defend and attack alike.


Cesar Azpilicueta (OVR 84 – POT 84)

Age: 29

Position(s): RB, CB

Club: Chelsea

Country: Spain

Best stats: 87 standing tackle, 86 sliding tackle, 86 interceptions

Career Mode value: £23 million (Release Clause: £43.6 million)

Wage: £131,000 a week

FUT Price: 9.6k PS4 / 13.5k Xbox One

Although Azpilicueta’s primary FIFA 20 position is right back, the Chelsea Captain has covered all manner of areas, including centre back, left back and even midfield.

The Spaniard possesses very strong defensive stats of 85 defensive awareness, 87 standing tackles and 86 sliding tackles. His only let down as a fullback is his 68 sprint speed – if you sign him, you may want to consider playing him as a CB.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (OVR 83 – POT 89)

Age: 20

Position(s): RB

Club: Liverpool

Country: England

Best stats: 90 crossing, 83 standing tackle, 82 ball control 

Career Mode value: £28.8 million (Release Clause: £59 million)

Wage: £87,000 a week

FUT Price: 8.5k PS4 / 11k Xbox One

Trent Alexander-Arnold has already helped Liverpool win the Champions League last season and now the Merseyside team are storming ahead in the Premier League. At just 20 years old, this guys a serious talent. 

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Alexander-Arnold’s in-game stats reveal his fantastic playmaking ability as he has a whopping 90 rated crossing. If you sign him on Career Mode, work on his defensive ability to help him reach his amazing 89 overall potential.

Ricardo Pereira (OVR 83 – POT 85)

Age: 25

Position(s): RB, RM

Club: Leicester City

Country: Portugal

Best stats: 87 stamina, 86 sprint speed, 84 standing tackle 

Value: £24.8 million (Release Clause: £48.9 million)

Wage: £87,000 a week

FUT Price: 6.5k PS4 / 8k Xbox One

Ricardo Pereira came in to the Leicester side in the summer of 2018 and has been integral to the club’s current surge in form as they sit at second in the Premier League.

In FIFA 20, the Portuguese defender is a bit of a speed merchant (86 sprint speed, 85 acceleration) and will dispossess most attackers he comes up against with his 84 standing tackles. For his price, he is a no-brainer on Ultimate Team.

Nelson Semedo (OVR 82 – POT 87)

Age: 25

Position(s): RB

Club: Barcelona

Country: Portugal

Best stats: 92 sprint speed, 91 stamina, 87 agility

Career Mode value: £23.4 million (Release Clause: £49.7 million)

Wage: £135,000 a week

FUT Price: 28k PS4 / 18.25k Xbox One

Barcelona paid over £35 million for Semedo when he was just 22 years of age, demonstrating just how exciting a prospect the young Portuguese fullback is.

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Semedo’s standout FIFA 20 stats are his physical attributes as his 91 stamina and 92 sprint speed reveal that he is well equipped to dominate the right side of the pitch. With 87 potential, he can become a vital player in your Career Mode squad.

Thomas Meunier (OVR 82 – POT 82)

Age: 27

Position(s): RB, RM

Club: PSG

Country: Belgium

Best stats: 92 stamina, 85 strength, 83 standing tackle

Career Mode value: £18 million (Release Clause: £33.3 million)

Wage: £79,000 a week

FUT Price: 3k PS4 / 3.6k Xbox One

Since joining in 2016, Meunier has made over 100 appearances for French Champions, PSG. In that time, he has helped the Parisian team win two Ligue 1 titles and four domestic trophies.

He may not be the fastest right back on FIFA 20, but with 85 strength and 83 standing tackles, he’s unlikely to lose many 50/50 tussles. The Belgian defender makes for a relatively affordable squad player on both Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

Sergi Roberto (OVR 82 – POT 83)

Age: 27

Position(s): RB, CM, RM

Club: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Best stats: 89 stamina, 84 short passing, 83 crossing

Value: £19.8 million (Release Clause: £42.1 million)

Wage: £140,000 a week 

FUT Price: 2k PS4 / 2.5k Xbox One

Sergio Roberto has proven a reliable servant to the Catalonian team over his years of service and can interchange between right back and central midfield.

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To be honest, the Spaniard’s been a bit hard done by on FIFA 20, as his real life performances have been of better quality than his 82 in-game rating. However, his 84 short passing and 83 vision reveals that he can do a fantastic job a as a ball playing defender in your squad.

All the best Right Backs (RB & RWB) on FIFA 20

J. Kimmich24RB 
 FC Bayern MunichGermany8688£43.2M£113K12k/13k
Carvajal27RB Real MadridSpain8586£34.2M£185K10.75k/11k
João Cancelo25RB Manchester CityPortugal8489£32.9M£135K29.5k/29k
K. Walker29RB Manchester CityEngland8484£23M£149K64k/55.5k
T. Alexander-Arnold20RB LiverpoolEngland8389£28.8M£70K8.5k/11k
Ricardo Pereira25RB 
 Leicester CityPortugal8385£24.8M£87K6.5k/8k
Nélson Semedo25RB FC BarcelonaPortugal8287£23.4M£135K28k/18.25k
T. Meunier27RB 
 Paris Saint-GermainBelgium8282£18M£79K3k/3.6k
Sergi Roberto27RB 
 FC BarcelonaSpain8283£19.8M£140K2k/2.5k
Mário Fernandes28RWB 
CSKA MoscowRussia8282£17.1M£54K950/1k
Odriozola23RB Real MadridSpain8085£15.8M£104K1.4k/1.8k
A. Wan-Bissaka21RB Manchester UnitedEngland8089£18.5M£68K6k/6.9k
E. Hysaj25RB NapoliAlbania8084£15.3M£54K1.6k/1.7k
Héctor Bellerín24RB 
R. Aguilar26RB 
 AS MonacoFrance7982£12.2M£36K1.4k/1.6k
L. Klostermann23RB 
 RB LeipzigGermany7985£14M£39K2.4k/2.6k
F. Bustos23RB 
D. Dumfries23RB PSVNetherlands7882£10.8M£14K1.6k/1.3k
L. Dubois24RB LyonFrance7882£10.8M£45K1k/1.3k

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