FIFA 19 Wonderkids: Best Spanish players to sign in Career Mode

Spanish players have fueled victory throughout the world and in every competition. We have ALL the best wonderkids from Spain on FIFA 19.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Spain’s reign over world football started with a dominant victory in Euro 2008, and ran through the 2010 World Cup and 2012 Euros. Real Madrid and Barcelona have won seven of the last 10 Champions League titles while the likes of David Silva and Thiago have been flying the flag and winning silverware outside their homeland. They are a hotbed of footballing talent, and buying up some of that quality is an extremely expensive endeavour. So if you can’t get the current generation of Spanish greats, what about the next?


How to choose the best Spanish wonderkids in FIFA 19 career mode

In this article we are looking at wonderkid from Spain in FIFA 19’s career mode. We are starting our search looking for players aged 21 or younger at the start of Career Mode. This means these players are yet to hit their peak and have plenty of time to perform for your club. They have an overall of at least 70 and a potential to hit at least 80, meaning they can be a squad player for most teams right away and develop into a star.

For a complete list of ALL the Spanish wonderkids in FIFA 19 career mode see the table at the bottom of the page

Carlos Soler (OVR 80 – POT 87)

Age: 21

Positions: RM, CM, CAM

Club: Valencia

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 84 short pass, 83 vision, 82 ball control

Cost: £36.4 million

Wage: £27,000 a week

Carlos Soler came up through the Valencia youth system and made his first team debut in December 2016. He has played 53 games for Valencia, scoring four goals and reaching the Spain U21 side.

In FIFA 19 Soler is an excellent passer (84 short pass, 80 crossing, 79 long pass). Along with that he brings reasonable athleticism (77 sprint speed, 75 acceleration) and good talent on the ball (82 ball control, 79 dribbling). He has a lot of room for growth and can be a serious contributor for a lot of teams.

Oyarzabal (OVR 80 – POT 87)

Age: 21

Positions: LW, LM, RW

Club: Real Sociedad

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 85 ball control, 84 dribbling, 81 crossing

Cost: £37.2 million

Wage: £25,000 a week

Oyarzabal has been with Real Sociedad since 2011 and made his first team debut with them in 2015. He has since played in 95 games, scoring 20 goals. He has also been capped by Spain.

Oyarzabal is superb on the ball (85 ball control, 84 dribbling) and has a good final product too (81 crossing, 77 finishing). He is a good passer for a wide player (80 short pass, 73 long pass) so look to spend the £37.2 million and £25,000 a week wages for his 80 overall and 87 potential. 


Dani Ceballos (OVR 78 – POT 87)

Age: 21

Positions: CM, LM, CDM, CAM

Club: Real Madrid

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 83 ball control, 82 dribbling, 80 short pass

Cost: £31.7 million

Wage: £81,000 a week

Dani Ceballos started his youth career at Sevilla, but made his senior debut with Real Betis. He played 98 games with them before moving to Real Madrid in 2017 for a fee around £20 million. He has played 18 games for them and has been capped by Spain once.

Ceballos is a typical Spanish midfielder in FIFA 19. He is strong on the ball (83 ball control, 82 dribbling) and an accomplished passer (80 short pass, 78 long pass). The central, left, defensive and attacking midfielder will set you back £31.7 million with wages of £81,000 a week. 

Jesus Vallejo (OVR 78 – POT 86)

Age: 21

Positions: CB

Club: Real Madrid

Work rate: Low/High

Best stats: 82 interceptions, 81 sliding tackle, 79 marking

Cost: £20.4 million

Wage: £72,000 a week

Another Real Madrid starlet, Jesus Vallejo has had to be patient for his opportunity at the Santiago Bernabeu behind senior centre backs Sergio Ramos (OVR 90), Raphael Varane (OVR 86) and Nacho Fernandez (OVR 83). The 21-year-old has only made 12 appearances for the club as a result, but earned his stripes during loan spells at Real Zaragoza and Eintracht Frankfurt. 

Vallejo will set you back just over £20 million on Career Mode, getting you his 78 overall and impressive 86 potential. The Spanish U21 international has stats of 82 interceptions, 81 sliding tackle and 79 marking on the game, with wages of £72,000 a week. 


Pablo Maffeo (OVR 78 – POT 86)

Age: 21

Positions: RWB, RM

Club: Stuttgart

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 87 acceleration, 84 balance, 82 agility

Cost: £19.4 million

Wage: £21,000 a week

One for those who love a wing-back, Pablo Maffeo failed to breakthrough at Manchester City, but just after helping Girona win promotion to La Liga and then shining in the top-flight, the 21-year-old earned a permanent switch to Bundesliga side Stuttgart. The Spanish U21 international has made just four appearances in Germany so far this season, but with plenty of time ahead of him, don’t be surprised to see him come through.

Right wing-back or midfielder Maffeo has stats of 87 acceleration, 84 balance and 82 agility, giving him a 78 overall. That can rise to a potential of 86, costing £19.4 million and wages of £21,000 a week. 

Marc Roca (OVR 75 – POT 86)

Age: 21

Positions: CDM, CM

Club: Espanyol

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 80 short passing, 76 standing tackle, 76 ball control

Cost: £14.9 million

Wage: £14,000 a week

A man you may not be familiar with, Marc Roca is emerging as a key player for Espanyol, making 43 appearances so far for the club. Although yet to make his debut, Roca is another player in the Spain U21 squad, having played all bar 10 minutes of Espanyol’s campaign so far.

A 75 overall consists of 80 short passing, 76 standing tackle and 76 ball control for Roca, with those stats rising as he approaches an 86 potential. A £14.9 million fee will get you the defensive or central midfielder, with wages of £14,000 a week. 

Ferran Torres (OVR 73 – POT 86)

Age: 18

Positions: RM, RW, LM

Club: Valencia

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 79 dribbling, 77 acceleration, 76 sprint speed

Cost: £16.8 million

Wage: £11,000 a week

A Spanish U19 international, but expect Ferran Torres to step up the ranks after an impressive start to life in the Valencia first team. The wide midfielder or winger has made 19 appearances for Los Che, and he will look to add to his four starts and two assists. 

Torres has a 73 overall on the game, improving to a potential of 86. Abilities of 79 dribbling, 77 acceleration and 76 sprint speed will set you back £16.8 million and wages of £11,000 a week. 

Aaron Martin (OVR 77 – POT 85)

Age: 21

Positions: LB

Club: Mainz

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 79 standing tackle, 79 interceptions, 78 sliding tackle

Cost: n/a

Wage: £16,000 a week

A second player who has switched Spain for Germany, but Aaron Martin’s move to Mainz is only on a season-long loan. Still only 21, Martin made 66 appearances for Espanyol over two seasons, so it is a surprise to see him head to Mainz in the Bundesliga. Two assists in just six league games so far for Die Nullfunfer is an impressive start, however. 

Martin has chalked up five caps for Spain U21s, and with a 77 overall and 85 potential, expect big things from the youngster. £11.3 million and wages of £16,000 a week will get you his 79 standing tackle, 79 interceptions and 78 sliding tackle attributes, but only once his loan spell is over. 

Dani Olmo (OVR 75 – POT 85)

Age: 20

Positions: LM, CAM

Club: Dinamo Zagreb

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 81 acceleration, 80 sprint speed, 78 long passing

Cost: £17.2 million

Wage: £880

Out in Croatia we find exciting left or attacking midfielder Dani Olmo. The 20-year-old is a product of the Barcelona academy, but he switched La Masia for Dinamo Zagreb back in 2014, and going on to make his first team debut a year later. With 17 goals and 16 assists in 72 games for Dinamo, expect a switch to a bigger club in the coming seasons.

Fellow Spanish U21 squad member Olmo has a 75 overall rating on FIFA 19, rising to a potential of 85. You can pick him up for £17.2 million and wages of £880 a week, getting you stats of 81 acceleration, 80 sprint speed and 78 long passing.

Jordi Mboula (OVR 70 – POT 85)

Age: 19

Positions: RM

Club: Monaco

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 88 sprint speed, 85 acceleration, 78 agility

Cost: £5.8 million

Wage: £13,000 a week

Jordi Mboula left Barcelona B last season to link up with Monaco, and has gone on to make 11 appearances for the Monegasques. Manager Leonardo Jardim is keen to give youth a chance, and Monaco looks to be the perfect place for Mboula to grow.

Right midfielder Mboula costs £5.8 million on Career Mode, with wages of £13,000 a week. That will get you the 19-year-old’s 88 sprint speed, 85 acceleration and 78 agility, building towards a 70 overall and 85 potential.

All the best Spanish wonderkids on FIFA 19

Player Age Pos Club Cost Wage OVR POT
Dani Ceballos 21 CM
Real Madrid £31.7m £81k 78 87
Carlos Soler 21 RM
Valencia £36.4m £27k 80 87
Oyarzabal 21 LW
Real Sociedad £37.2m £25k 80 87
Ferran Torres 18 RM
Valencia £16.8m £11k 73 86
Vallejo 21 CB Real Madrid £20.4m £72k 78 86
Pablo Maffeo 20 RWB
Stuttgart £19.4m £21k 78 86
Marc Roca 21 CDM
Espanyol £14.9m £14k 75 86
Aaron Martin 21 LB Mainz £11.3m £16k 77 85
Dani Olmo 20 LM
Dinamo Zagreb £17.2m £880 75 85
Jordi Mboula 19 RM Monaco £5.8m £13k 70 85
Lato 20 LB
Valencia £14.2m £17k 75 84
Manu Garcia 20 CAM
Toulouse £8.3m £48k 73 84
Unai Nunez 21 CB Athletic Bilbao £12.6m £12k 75 83
Borja Mayoral 21 ST Levante £11.5m £76k 75 83
Jorge Mere 21 CB Koln £12.1m £13k 77 83
Cordoba 21 LW Athletic Bilbao £13.2m £15k 75 83
Alena 20 CM
Barcelona £8m £39k 70 83
P. Diop 20 CM Olympique Lyonnais £7.6m £24k 72 83
Ontiveros 20 RM
Malaga £6.7m £5k 71 83
Brais Mendez 21 RW
Celta Vigo £8.3m £13k 73 82
Christian Rivera 20 CDM
Las Palmas £4.5m £4k 70 82
Manu Morlanes 19 CM Villarreal £5.2m £7k 70 82
Aleix Garcia 21 CM
Girona £4.1m £33k 70 82
Melendo 20 RM
Espanyol £7.3m £14k 73 81
Adrian Marin 21 LB
Deportivo Alaves £8.4m £10k 72 81
Unai Simon 21 GK Athletic Bilbao £4.9m £5k 70 81
Angelino 21 LB PSV £8.1m £8k 74 81
Zubeldia 21 CM
Real Sociedad £7,2m £14k 73 80
Pol Lirola 20 RB
Sassuolo £6.7m £23k 74 80
Fran Villalba 20 CAM
Numancia £3,8m £11k 70 80
Fran Beltran 19 CDM
Celta Vigo £7.7m £6k 72 80
Alex Mula 21 LM
Malaga £5.8m £5k 71 80


Toby Durant