FIFA 19 Career Mode: Best Strikers (ST & CF)

To win a game you have to be able to put the ball in the back of the net. These are ALL the best strikers (ST & CF) on FIFA 19 that can help you win.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Goal scoring is constantly in high demand. The ability to put the ball in the back of the net consistently is so rare that teams will pay vast sums just for the slightest possibility of signing the next Messi, Ronaldo, or Suarez. Having a world class striker instantly makes you a contender in any competition, not having one can make every match a struggle.


How to choose the best strikers (ST) & centre forwards (CF) in FIFA 19 Career Mode

We are looking at the best of the best in strikers (ST) and centre forwards (CF) in FIFA 19. These players have a minimum OVR rating of 83. These players are all strong finishers, but good movement skills, strength in the air, and the ability to turn creator for others are all extras that you want to have.

A complete list of all the best strikers (ST) and centre forwards (CF) can be found at the bottom of this page.

Lionel Messi (OVR 94 – POT 94)

Age: 31

Positions: CF, RW, ST

Club: Barcelona

Country: Argentina

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Best stats: 97 dribbling, 96 ball control, 95 finishing 

Cost: £199.3 million (release clause)

Wage: £497k

Lionel Messi may be the other side of 30 now, but he is still the god of football. A remarkable athlete (95 balance, 91 acceleration, 91 agility, 86 sprint speed), Messi’s strength is quite simply his ability to put the ball in the back of the net (95 finishing, 94 long shots, 94 fk accuracy, 93 curve). His finishing and long shots are the best in FIFA 19, as is his fk accuracy. Messi is also brilliant on the ball and can put others through at the drop of a hat (94 vision, 90 short pass).

Cristiano Ronaldo (OVR 94 – POT 94)

Age: 33

Positions: ST, LW 

Club: Juventus

Country: Portugal

Work rate: High/Low

Best stats: 94 finishing, 93 long shots, 95 shot power, 94 ball control

Cost: £111.8 million (release clause)

Wage: £356k

Cristiano Ronaldo may be 33, but he is still the best of the best when it comes to scoring goals. A ridiculous athlete (88 stamina, 91 sprint speed, 89 acceleration) and strong with either foot, Ronaldo can score and create goals from almost anywhere on the field. Not only is his finishing (94) exceptional, he has good passing skills (81 short passing, 77 long passing, 84 crossing) to turn provider should he need to.


Luis Suarez (OVR 91 – POT 91)

Age: 31

Positions: ST 

Club: Barcelona

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 94 finishing, 93 reactions, 92 positioning 

Cost: £88.2 million 

Wage: £449k

Luis Suarez has long been one of the most potent finishers in world football. He’s a fantastic poacher in the box (94 finishing, 93 reactions, 92 positioning, 90 ball control) and can also bring others into play (82 short pass, 84 vision). Suarez can score from outside of the box (86 curve, 86 shot power, 85 long shots) and is also useful in the air (77 heading accuracy).

Robert Lewandowski (OVR 90 – POT 90)

Age: 30

Positions: ST 

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: Poland

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 91 finishing, 91 positioning, 90 reactions

Cost: £91.8 million

Wage: £180k

Bayern Munich’s point man brings a deadly right foot and aerial potency to FIFA 19. Robert Lewandowski is a terrific goal-scorer (91 finishing, 88 shot power, 91 positioning) but he can also pose a threat from set pieces and crosses as well as normal build up play (84 jumping, 85 heading accuracy). He’s good on the ball (89 ball control, 85 dribbling) and is great from the spot (88 penalties, 86 composure).


Harry Kane (OVR 89 – POT 92)

Age: 25

Positions: ST 

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: England

Work rate: High/High

Best stats: 94 finishing, 93 positioning, 91 reactions

Cost: £122.8 million

Wage: £185k

England’s leading man is the next generation of striker. Just 25, he has already proven to be a clinical finisher in the Premier League (94 finishing, 93 positioning, 91 reactions). Kane is frequently in the right place at the right time, but it’s the physicality and mental aspects to dominate defences that fall asleep (84 strength, 89 stamina, 89 composure). He’s not nearly as good at bringing others into play as the likes of Messi and Ronaldo, but when he takes aim at goal, it usually has positive results.

Antoine Griezmann (OVR 89 – POT 90)

Age: 27

Positions: ST 

Club: Atletico Madrid

Country: France

Work rate: High/High

Best stats: 92 finishing, 91 positioning, 90 agility

Cost: £84.1 million

Wage: £132k

Antoine Griezmann is one of the deadliest strikers in FIFA 19 thanks to his remarkable athleticism (90 agility, 88 acceleration, 85 sprint speed) and his brilliance in front of goal (92 finishing, 90 ball control, 87 composure). The French man is a converted winger and brings that flair and ability with the ball at his feet to create for himself and others (88 dribbling, 82 short pass, 82 crossing). He is also a threat in the air despite his stature (90 jumping, 84 heading accuracy).

Edinson Cavani (OVR 89 – POT 89)

Age: 31

Positions: ST 

Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Country: Uruguay

Work rate: High/High

Best stats: 92 stamina, 91 reactions, 89 finishing

Cost: £68.3 million

Wage: £185k

Edinson Cavani is a pure, old-school, striker. He isn’t going to unlock defences for others with his passing (78 short pass, 52 long pass) or dribble away from defenders (80 dribbling), but if you get him the ball in the box there is a good chance it will find the back of the net. Cavani is potent with the ball at his feet (89 finishing, 91 reactions, 82 ball control, 82 composure) and deadly in the air (89 heading accuracy, 88 jumping).

Sergio Aguero (OVR 89 – POT 89)

Age: 30

Positions: ST 

Club: Manchester City

Country: Argentina

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 93 finishing, 92 positioning, 89 dribbling

Cost: £64.6 million

Wage: £173k

One of the deadliest strikers the Premier League has ever seen, Sergio Aguero may be the other side of his prime now but he can still score consistently. A good athlete (88 acceleration, 86 agility, 80 sprint speed), though not as fast as he used to be, Aguero has the ability to run at defenders from deep and beat them (89 dribbling, 89 ball control) to create his own chances. He can also finish from practically anywhere (93 finishing, 92 positioning, 82 long shots, 82 curve).

Gonzalo Higuain (OVR 88 – POT 88)

Age: 30

Positions: ST 

Club: AC Milan

Country: Argentina

Work rate: High/Medium

Best stats: 92 finishing, 92 positioning, 86 shot power

Cost: £59.1 million

Wage: £233k

Another finisher rather than creator, Gonzalo Higuain is the man you want on the end of your chances. A true poacher (92 finishing, 92 positioning, 86 composure), Higuain is brilliant in the box and can latch onto a loose ball in a flash. He is not as good in the air as you’d hope (79 jumping, 80 heading accuracybut he isn’t awful either.

Mauro Icardi (OVR 87 – POT 90)

Age:  25

Positions: ST  

Club: Inter Milan

Country: Argentina

Work rate: Medium/Low

Best stats: 94 jumping, 91 heading accuracy, 91 finishing

Cost: £100.7 million (release clause)

Wage: £114k

Yet another Argentinian. Mauro Icardi is the next in a long line of superb strikers. Unlike Higuain or Aguero he is dominant in the air (94 jumping, 91 heading accuracy) as well as being brilliant in the box (91 finishing, 88 reactions, 85 composure). Icardi is yet to hit his peak, so if you want a player with a lot of years ahead of him who can bang in goals for a long time to come then he is your man..1m

All the best strikers (STs & CFs) in FIFA 19

Player Age Pos Club Country Cost Wage OVR POT
Lionel Messi 31 CF
Barcelona Argentina £199.3m £497k 94 94
Cristiano Ronaldo 33 ST
Juventus Portugal £111.8m £356k 94 94
Luis Suarez 31 ST Barcelona Uruguay £88.2m £449k 91 91
Robert Lewandowski 29 ST Bayern Munich Poland £91.8m £180k 90 90
Harry Kane 24 ST Tottenham Hotspur England £122.8m £185k 89 92
Antoine Griezmann 27 ST Atletico Madrid France £84.1m £132k 89 90
Edinson Cavani 31 ST Paris Saint-Germain Uruguay £68.3m £185k 89 89
Sergio Aguero 30 ST Manchester City Argentina £64.6m £273k 89 89
Gonzalo Higuain 30 ST AC Milan Argentina £59.1m £233k 88 88
Mauro Icardi 25 ST Inter Milan Argentina £100.7m £114k 87 90
Romelu Lukaku 25 ST Manchester United Belgium £105.9m £202k 87 89
Ciro Immobile 28 ST Lazio Italy £77.8m £101k 87 87
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 29 ST Arsenal Gabon £84.4m £194k 87 87
Dries Mertens 31 CF
Napoli Belgium £67.3m £119k 87 87
Roberto Firmino 26 CF
Liverpool Brazil £92.3m £185k 86 88
Thomas Müller 28 CF
Bayern Munich Germany £66.8m $141k 86 86
Edin Džeko 32 ST Roma Bosnia Herzegovina £45.6m £101k 85 85
Diego Costa 29 ST Atletico Madrid Spain £69.5m £88k 85 85
Radamel Falcao 32 ST Monaco Colombia £51m £110k 85 85
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 36 ST LA Galaxy Sweden £18.5m £13k 85 85
Rodrigo 27 ST
Valencia Spain £69.5m £60k 84 85
Alexandre Lacazette 27 ST Arsenal France £63.4m £158k 84 85
Mario Mandžukić 32 ST
Juventus Croatia £36.3m £154k 84 84
Jonas 34 ST Benfica Brazil £29m £24k 84 84
Karim Benzema 30 ST Real Madrid France £54.1m £211k 84 84
Alejandro Gómez 30 CF
Atalanta Argentina £44.9m £51k 84 84
Gabriel Jesus 21 ST Manchester City Brazil £74m £110k 83 92
Louri Beretta 26 ST
Atletico Mineiro Brazil £47.7m £48k 83 83
Timo Werner 22 ST RB Leipzig Germany £53.9m £57k 83 87
Gerard Moreno 26 ST Villarreal Spain £61.2m £43k 83 85
Memphis Depay 24 ST
Olympique Lyonnais Netherlands £60.8m £68k 83 88
Alvaro Morata 25 ST Chelsea Spain £55.9m £119k 83 86
Willian José 26 ST Real Sociedad Brazil £62.2m £39k 83 86
Bas Dost 29 ST Sporting CP Netherlands £45.8m £21k 83 83
Mario Balotelli 27 ST OGC Nice Italy £46m £45k 83 83
Aduriz 37 ST Athletic Bilbao Spain £17.6m £25k 83 83


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