EA Sports FC: Five features we NEED to see in the brand new game

EA Sports FC has officially been announced, with the FIFA and EA Sports split responsible for its inception.

With FIFA 23 set to be the last incarnation of FIFA as we know it, things are set to get interesting in the future.

With only one space available at the top of the market, we've taken a look at five ways that EA Sports FC can become the top dog.

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EA Sports FC Features

With EA Sports FC not set for release until 2024, we know very little about what will be included in the game.

However, we do know that EA Sports see the new franchise as a 'symbol of change' - likely hinting at a levelling of the playing field.

Whilst that may not indicate too much in the way of new features, we're hoping that EA Sports FC can be a positive influence amongst the community.

Women's Football

With the 'symbol of change' quote ringing in our ears, we can almost guarantee that Women's football will feature heavily in EA Sports FC.

An opportunity to make football gaming more inclusive, the introduction of leagues such as the WSL would only serve to improve EAFC's prospects.

Women's football has been in FIFA for a few years, but only in the form of international teams available to use via the kick-off mode.

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BREAKING BOUNDARIES - Women's football is set to feature heavily in EA Sports FC

Introducing women's football in both Ultimate Team and Career Mode would give EA Sports FC an edge, welcoming in a completely new demographic.

With the women's game growing in popularity over the past few years, it's about time we saw it properly brought to our consoles.

Balanced Gameplay

FIFA has possessed a glaring pace issue for a number of years, and this is something that desperately needs to be solved in future instalments.

Whilst EA Sports have found a formula that keeps people coming back, there's no doubt that the football landscape is changing.

With new games embracing a more realistic feel, EA needs to go to the next level by trusting their gut and not reverting to pace.

Offering fans the chance to use distinctive playstyles - EA Sports FC could stand out as the pure footballing game, if it drops the overreliance on pace.

Embrace the Classics

Everyone loves nostalgia, and FIFA fans are no different.

With so many previous football games harbouring quality features that are no longer included in contemporary titles, we think EA Sports FC can delve back into the archive and deliver a nostalgia punch.

Whether it be the EA Sports catalogue or the return of the much-loved lounge mode, EA Sports FC could buy an easy win by sending fans back to their youth.

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BLAST FROM THE PAST - EA Sports FC could get an easy win by looking to previous games

Classic teams could also be introduced, such as the 2010 AC Milan side, or the Arsenal invincibles of 2004.

With so much potential already in their grasp, we see no reason why EA can't adapt some of their greatest hits.

Career Mode Overhaul

Career Mode has seen much more love in the past few years, but let's not pretend that it hasn't still been treated like the middle child.

With the mode bringing in no income for EA, we do understand why it isn't focussed on in the same way as Ultimate Team, but that doesn't make it right.

The offline, more career-mode based section of FIFA fans have been drifting further away from the game for years, and EA Sports FC needs to buck that trend.

Introducing a more immersive career mode with different storylines, cut-scenes and true-to-life moments would take EA Sports' brand new game to the next level.

Create-a-club is also an underutilised section of career mode, with customisation options still limited.

If EA Sports FC can overhaul some of their major modes and introduce a brand new style of offline career, we truly believe they'll be onto a winner.

Your Game, Your Way

FIFA Ultimate Team may serve as a way of making your game feel unique to you, but we feel that EA Sports FC can go one step further.

Giving players unique items or unlockables throughout their journey - despite their game mode of choice - and creating a club aesthetic throughout the entire game would be a great way to make things feel fresh and exciting.

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ONE STEP FURTHER - EA Sports FC can take game customisation to the next level

Players would have their own trophy cabinet, their own gaming history section and their own stadium.

Whilst these features may exist in some capacity within certain modes, we feel they can be lifted and implemented across the game, making the bland UI something that feels fresh and unique to each player.

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