FIFA 21 Title Update #5: No end in sight for penalty problem even after patch

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Penalties have become a primary cause of concern for FIFA fans over the past few weeks, with referees dishing them out for fun!

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Title Update #5


The fifth update of FIFA 21 is now available on all platforms as of Tuesday, 17 November.

You can read the full Patch Notes for Title Update #5 here.

Penalty Problem

Over the past few weeks, more and more bugs and issues have been surfacing in the FIFA 21 community.

Referees have required adjusting in Title Update #5 as mentioned above, but there still appears to be an issue with penalties.

Mbappe Crying
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QUESTION! What's more annoying this celebration or conceding a soft pen

Plenty of FIFA players are complaining about conceding ‘soft’ penalties and they cannot quite fathom why they have been penalized.

The L2/LT jockey control has been conceding fouls for the slightest of contacts, even if the attacker doesn’t go down or lose the ball.

Another issue, which is not necessarily a new one, is attackers tripping on their follow through.

FIFA 21 Next Gen Graphics
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GET USED TO IT! This could be a familiar sight on Next Gen consoles

Sliding tackles and blocks are at risk of conceding penalties even when they clearly win the ball as the momentum takes the attacker into them.

The delay appears to trick the game into thinking it is a separate offence. All this results in plenty of frustration.


Nordi Mukiele

One man who won’t be amused by the lack of an update is RB Leipzig’s Nordi Mukiele.

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The French right back has already publicly pleaded for EA to fix the penalty situation on his Twitter page.

I think we all feel the same Nordi!

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