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FIFA 21 Career Mode: Can you carry your save from PS4 to PS5? – Official Trailer Reveal, Latest News, New Features, Next Gen, Bonuses & more

FIFA 21 is almost here, but there are still some questions we want answered.

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Hopefully, we should have these answers soon with the Career Mode trailer official announced!

Latest News – Official Career Mode Trailer


The time has come – EA has dropped the official Career Mode Trailer and it looks amazing!

Head here to watch the new trailer and read a breakdown of EA’s brand new Career Mode Pitch Notes.

New Features

We have seen the addition of interactive press conferences recently, but with Next Gen around the corner we want more!

High on our wishlist for FIFA 21 Career Mode are an improved youth academy system and more customisable club.

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These seem like changes that are certainly achievable, we will just have to wait and see!


PS4 to PS5

EA have announced that your Ultimate Team will carry over from PS4 to PS5 on FIFA 21.

However, will we be able to do the same for FIFA 21 Career Mode?

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If you can remember way back when we moved from PS3 to PS4, this was not possible.

It looks likely that it will stay this way, although EA will offer certain bonuses to help you on your way.



Just by pre-ordering FIFA 21, you can guarantee yourself a homegrown player with superstar potential.

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This bonus will be available for each new save you make on Career Mode, and with Dual Entitlement this will transfer from PS4 to PS5.

Although this does not seem like much, it does show EA are paying attention to Career Mode this year.

fifa 21 standard edition
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ADDED BONUS! Pre-order now and guarantee yourself some extra boosts in the new game

Fingers crossed we see the best Career Mode yet ahead of the PS5’s release later this year.

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