RealOpinions: UFC 4, Madden 21 & PGA Tour 2K21 will shake off the Lockdown blues and ease us into Next-Gen

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August is a significant time in any sports gamer's calendar, as it signifies the start of the new season!

Or, at least in normal circumstances it would, but 2020 has been a little different from the usual.

But regardless of the setbacks, we have what looks like an August absolutely rammed with exciting new sport and indie releases, so continue below for all the details!

Back with a BANG

The UFC has been dominating news headlines in recent weeks with the introduction of weekly events at 'Fight Island' in Abu Dhabi.

ufc 4 news
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SETTING RECORDS: 'Fight Island' has done a lot for the reputation of the UFC

The first night of 'Fight Island' produced the most pay-per-view buys since Khabib vs Connor back in 2018, so it had the world's attention.

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The determination of the UFC to keep things moving during the worldwide pandemic has been something to behold, and it will pay off now more than ever.

UFC 4 will be the first of the bunch of sports titles to release, arriving on 14 August, but sadly PC gamers have not been invited to the party!

Cover stars Jorge Masvidal and 'The Last Stylebender' Israel Adesanya have given the upcoming title their blessing, and we're expecting quite the show.

Expect more game modes, customisation and all-out brawling than ever before, thanks to the developers addressing the many criticisms of UFC 3.

Coming thick and fast

If combat sports aren't really your bag, there's two more traditional sport titles making their return in August.

madden 21 release editions cover price news updates
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IT'S IN THE DETAILS: You can already check player ratings for the upcoming game!

EA’s NFL dynasty returns on 25 August with Madden 21, and it’s all set to be the biggest yet with the leap to next-gen consoles.

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NFL fans have been gagging for some action since February, so they will be particularly delighted by this news!

Golfers will also be delighted to hear they have a game arriving after almost 2 years without a new golfing game!

pga tour 2k21 justin thomas
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FOREEEE! Golfers will soon be able to get back on the green

The iconic 'Golf Club' series has seen a dramatic rebranding, with its next entry PGA Tour 2K21 scheduled to arrive on 21 August.

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This is one that does not discriminate against any players, since the game will be available to PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch and Stadia owners alike.

We've heard that at least 15 real life courses have been added to the game, enabling players to feel closer to the sport than ever before.

For those needing a holiday

You are not alone if you have been fantasising about gorgeous beaches, new countries to visit and cities to explore during the lockdown period.

Well, there's finally a game offering an escape from reality (and your couch)!

microsoft flight simulator comes on 10 discs
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BULKY: We haven't seen something this extensive for a while...

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been in the pipeline for a while now, but it seems to be arriving just in time for the growingly impatient community!

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For those who want to bring their friends along for a ride, the game will also provide features that support multiplayer!


PC gamers will have access to the impressive-looking simulator from 18 August - and if you don't want the physical copy that comes with 10 disks, you really ought to pre-order the digital version.

And if flying isn't really your thing either, there's an upcoming island survival game that looks like it's been inspired by Breath of the Wild!

Windbound - Brave The Storm - Coming August 28th 2020
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LOSE YOURSELF THIS SUMMER: Not literally, but you know what we mean!

Windbound begins by the player waking on a mysterious island.

You will need to explore the islands for sources of food and shelter or use your ship to traverse between each island, unveiling new creatures and secrets.

Windbound arrives on 28 August, and could be the perfect form of escapism for those stuck at home this summer.

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And if you haven't seen a game yet that tickles your fancy, well that's just too bad! Rest assured that more will be on their way soon.

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