Xbox Games with Gold October 2020 Release Date: Reveal, Predictions & more

This is when you can expect the next set of four free games to hit Xbox next month!

by Brandon Ridgely
Xbox Games With Gold October 2020 Release Date

Xbox Games with Gold brings four free games each month for players with a gold subscription, and October will be no different.

Let’s go over the Xbox Games with Gold October release date, and our predictions for games to come.

Release Date

This month’s Games with Gold will follow the usual structure, where two games go up on the 1st and 16th of each month.

games with gold deals
PERKS: These games are a great perk for having a gold subscription to Xbox Live

We will have all the titles revealed at once, however, around 27 September.

Xbox Games with Gold September Games

For players with gold subscriptions now, you still have some time to pick up games from the Games with Gold September list until the end of the month.

Xbox Games With Gold September 2020 1
GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN: The free September games are only available until the end of the month

These games include The Division, de Blob 2, Armed and Dangerous, and The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.

Xbox Games with Gold October Predictions

So which games will make the cut for Games with Gold this month?

The series tends to hit a variety of genres, and span games from Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox. This means anything is possible for October.

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For now, these are our predictions for some games that could make the cut.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs: Legion, the sequel to Watch Dogs 2, is fast approaching its 29 October release date.

Xbox Games with Gold October Watch Dogs 2
SQUAD GOALS: Watch Dogs 2 is all about rising up

That means we could very well see Watch Dogs 2 included in Games with Gold October this year.

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Getting more players on prequels is a great way to generate hype for an upcoming release, and there would be no better time to get players back into the Watch Dogs series. This is especially true with the four year gap Ubisoft has taken between these games.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XVI was one of the first trailers shown in the recent PS5 Showcase, and has generated a huge buzz online.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
EPIC: The Final Fantasy series spans many epic conflicts and stories

To capitalize on the hype, Final Fantasy XV could very well make its way into Games with Gold October.

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The Final Fantasy series has made plenty of appearances in the Xbox Game Pass lists, so an appearance here wouldn’t be far-fetched.

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