The 2021 Overwatch Summer Games will line up with the Olympics

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Overwatch, through events like the Overwatch Anniversary, has gone through many changes and events over the last few years. The Summer Games is among the most popular events so there's a lot to prepare for.

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Here's what we know so far.

Latest - Summer Games Live Now

Coming out weeks before fans anticipated, the latest update for Overwatch is now here.


Just get the latest update installed and get in there to start earning all those new skins.

Is Overwatch Headed To The Tokyo Olympics?


When Overwatch first held its Summer Games event, the in-game event ran concurrently with the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janerio. The first Lucio Ball arena to be playable was based in Rio de Janerio, too! We know we're a little bit beyond that event now, but at long last, another Olympic Games is rolling around and it's got us thinking...

Is the Overwatch 2021 Summer Games event going to run alongside the 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

We know that the Summer Games start July 20th and the Tokyo Olympics are due to kick off on July 23rd.

It wouldn't be impossible for Overwatch to align the dates, throw in a Tokyo-based Lucio Ball arena and call it a day, right?

We're not expecting an official collaboration between Blizzard and the IOC, but it seems like the perfect opportunity to re-establish the Summer Games event and make it one of the better parts of the Overwatch calendar.

Ashe's Deadlock Challenge ran until July 5th; This would give Blizzard around three weeks between events if they were to start around the same time as the Tokyo Olympics. The timing is perfect; Will Blizzard capitalise on it?


When Does the Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Event Begin?

It was theorised the Summer games would start in August but we now know that it will start on July 22nd.

Here's a look at the start dates of all previous years:

  • 2016: August 2 to August 23
  • 2017: August 8 to August 29
  • 2018: August 9 to August 30
  • 2019: July 16 to August 5
  • 2020: August 4 to August 25

What Game Modes will Feature in Summer Games 2021?

The Summer Games is the traditional home of fan-favourite game mode, Lucioball, and its spinoff, Lucioball Remix.

Lucio Ball is Overwatch's take on soccer, but with the added powers and abilities of everyone's favourite DJ, Lucio.

Lucioball is sure to return in some shape or form, but who knows, maybe this year we will get an entirely new game mode?

What Skins Can we Expect From Summer Games 2021?


Skins from previous Summer Games events have mostly revolved around having our various heroes cosplay as different kinds of athletes, Tracer as a runner, Lucio as a hockey player, you get the idea.

Over the years, these skins have gotten fairly inventive, and as the roster of playable heroes has grown, so too has the amount of work that goes into creating their sporty getups.

Expect this year to be no different. As we get closer to the kickoff date, we will update this page with the relevant information, as and when it becomes available.