WoW Dragonflight - How to get the short RP in Court of Stars

Court of Stars WoW Dragonflight

Court of Stars WoW Dragonflight

Court of Stars is one of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's shortest and easiest Mythic+ dungeons to complete, thanks to this, much like the expansion it originated in, Legion, it's become a fan-favorite. Not to mention the plethora of strong amount of melee-friendly gear that it drops.

However, prohibiting Court of Stars from being an even faster Mythic+ is a couple of RP (roleplay) moments that take up a lot of valuable seconds. But what if we told you they can be skipped?

Here's how to get the short RP in Court of Stars.

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How to get the short RP in Court of Stars

Court of Stars has a total of three bosses, Patrol Captain Gerdo, Talixae Flamewreath, and Advisor Melandrus. The last of the three is where players can RP which can make or break a run.

Court of Stars WoW Dragonflight
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SKIP THE RP: Court of Stars has RP that players can skip

There are two ways to shorten the RP going into Advisor Melandrus and both have to be done prior to engaging the encounter or going into the Jeweled Estate to find the Suspicious Noble.

Here are the two methods:

Leave a Signal Beacon up

The first and earliest method players can use to shorten the RP in Court of Stars is just leaving one of the Signal Beacons in the first section of the dungeon active.

Normally, on the way to Patrol Captain Gerdo players are tasked with deactivating the Signal Beacons. This is done to prevent the first boss from spawning adds during the encounter. Leaving one of the Signal Beacons will spawn an add when Patrol Captain Gerdo casts his Signal Beacon ability but will ultimately make the end boss' RP much shorter.

Talk to the wrong Suspicious Noble

The other method players can take up is talking to the wrong Suspicious Noble deliberately once they defeat Talixae Flamewreath.

Upon defeating Court of Stars' second boss, Talixae Flamewreath, players will have to don disguises and point out a Suspicious Noble in the Jewewled Estate. In order to shorten the RP in the final boss, players can deliberately talk to the wrong Suspicious Noble. Although they'll be automatically ported out of the Jeweled Estate, they will guarantee that Advisor Melandrus' RP doesn't occur.

This means that if players missed the first attempt at shortening the RP, they can still get another chance with this method.

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