What is the WoW Dragonflight Season 1 end date?

WoW Dragonflight Season 1

WoW Dragonflight Season 1

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launched in late November 2022 and less than a month later, the new expansion received its first batch of brand-new content with Dragonflight Season 1.

This first season brought with it the expansion's first raid, Vault of the Incarnates, Mythic+ dungeons a brand-new dungeon rotation, the first PvP season, four World Bosses, and much more. Additionally, within Season 1, the developers added more content with the 10.0.5 patch and the later slated to release 10.0.7 update.

That begs the question - What is the WoW Dragonflight Season 1 end date?

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What is the WoW Dragonflight Season 1 end date?

There is no official information regarding WoW Dragonflight Season 1 thus far as the developers have yet to give a concrete announcement.

However, looking at the 2023 WoW Dragonflight content roadmap that Blizzard unveiled in late December of 2022 which revealed that Season 2—the 10.1 patch—is slated to launch in the early summer months, we expect Dragonflight Season 1 to end around May or early June.

Dragonflight Season 1's end would signify Dragonflight Season 2's start. Once that second season starts, players shoulder expect a new zone, a new raid, a new PvP season, a new Mythic+ dungeon pool, and other updates according to the content roadmap.

For now, players can focus on the upcoming 10.0.7 update prior to Dragonflight Season 1's release. The new patch will add more class balance and tuning and introduce new content such as the return to the Forbidden Reach, the Zskera Vaults, and more.

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