Madden 24 Gameplay & Franchise deep dives coming soon

The game may be two months away but the hype for Madden 24 is growing. With the beta out there and MUT wrapping up for this year, all eyes are on August when we can dive into the new game.

With plenty of promising talk around franchise improvements for Madden 24, players are waiting for some official gameplay and a deep dive, well EA has now given us a road map to release and a schedule for when they will be dropping information about specific aspects of the new game.

Madden 24 roadmap

EA's reveal comes amid the Madden 24 beta as players test out the new game. While it is a closed beta, we have seen some leaks around things like the Patrick Mahomes superman throw, but what we haven't seen is much flowing gameplay or anything about franchise mode.

Outside of a few paragraphs in a Gridiron notes we don't know much about the supposed improvements to franchise mode, but we will be finding out soon.

Madden 24's pre-release schedule
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The EA team is about to drop two deep dives back to back. The first will be a gameplay deep dive on 21 June, the second is a look at franchise mode on 29 June.

These two explorations of the game will be crucial for a lot of players to determine if they are going to buy Madden 24 or not. So many aspects of Madden's gameplay and franchise mode are copied over year after year that for those who aren't playing MUT religiously Madden is no longer a must-buy every year.

When & where can you watch the deep dives?

The Madden team is yet to announce where these deep dives will be hosted. They will likely be videos on their YouTube channel, but could also be part of their Good Morning Madden streams over on Twitch.

Christian McCaffrey getting help from a teammate to run over a Seattle Seahawks defender
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Hopefully these deep dives will be at a time to suit audiences outside of America too. Madden has a huge audience in Europe, so releasing these deep dives around 11am ET would cater to everyone. They could go primetime though and not release them until 7pm ET, which would be awful for fans in Europe!

Madden 24 release date

We finally have an official Madden 24 release date. You can get your hands on the new NFL game on 18 August, with early access available if you purchase the Deluxe Edition.

That will allow you play from 15 August, and also give you a few extras. However, all those extras revolve around MUT so if you aren't an Ultimate Team player then you are only really paying more money for a few days of additional play time.

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