Are Madden 24 Servers Down? Players experiencing connection problems!

Josh Allen in Madden 24

Josh Allen in Madden 24

One of the biggest sports games of the year, Madden 24 lets players live out their dreams of winning the Super Bowl and building squads in Ultimate Team to beat other players around the world. As ever though, server downtime and issues can get in the way of players fulfilling these dreams.

This article answers the question "Are the Madden 24 servers down" and explains exactly how you can check the server status for EA Sports' latest NFL title be it on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the status of the Madden 24 servers.

Are the Madden 24 servers down?

As of 7 November, the Madden 24 servers have experienced a lot of technical difficulties, leaving a lot of players unable to access most game modes.

Players are experiencing a wide variety of server problems, such as not being able to log into their accounts or receiving the "connection to server error" message. Some Madden 24 players also can't see the MUT tab on the menu screen or enter the Superstar mode.

Madden 24 Server Maintenance 1 November
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The Madden 24 team is currently working on fixing these errors, and hopefully, the servers will be up and running for everyone in no time. We will make sure to update this article with any new information about the server status.

It's worth noting that, the Madden 24 servers last underwent maintenance on 2 November, at 6:00 AM ET, which was when Season 2 was released.

How to check Madden 24 server status

There are several tools you can use to check on the status of the Madden 24 servers. One is to look at the official Madden communication channels such as @EAMaddenNFL on Twitter and EA channels like @EAHelp. These channels will communicate planned server downtime and give updates on any unexpected outages.

You can also check the EA site directly which can also help you see if there are platform-specific issues rather than global problems with the game.

The Xbox site showing planned maintenance for the Madden 24 servers
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TIME OUT - Madden has some scheduled maintenance downtime

Another good way of checking is to dive into r/Madden on Reddit, where players will often rapidly report issues while services like can help you spot issues as well.

How to reconnect to Madden 24 servers

If you find yourself booted off the Madden 24 servers due to a period of inactivity or because your own internet went down then you might get a message like this.

The connection lost message on Madden 24
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DISCONNECTED - You're out of here!

To reconnect you just need to head to the main menu and hit RT on Xbox or R2 on PlayStation.

If the Madden 24 servers are working then you should get right back in and be able to fully enjoy the game!

Madden 24 tips

If you're looking to get better at Madden 24 you are in the right place! Improving at Madden starts with using the right Madden 24 playbook, as some have more "meta" formations than others.

Madden 24 49ers
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Understanding the new passing styles is also important, as picking the right one for you will be key. And of course, you need to understand the Madden controls!

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