FIFA 24 - Set rotation system will REVOLUTIONISE Ultimate Team



We're around the halfway mark of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team cycle, but that won't stop us from looking at what could come our way in future titles FIFA 24 or FC 24.

There are always new ideas that could be implemented within FUT and we have seen that happen with the change to the chemistry system this year.

Taking inspiration from an adjustment coming in Diamond Dynasty, MLB The Show 23's Ultimate Team game mode, could we see a card set rotation system come to the next game?

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Set Rotation Explained

If you have seen the announcement about set rotation for MLB The Show 23 or have an interest in TCGs, you may be aware of what set rotation is and how it is implemented.

Effectively, if applied to Ultimate Team, it could see cards assigned to different sets, and certain sets can only be played in certain seasons until they rotate out from being classed as "in-season".

An explanation of how this would look if applied to FUT 23 is as follows:

A Core Set will be in-season throughout the year and include all Base Gold, Silver, and Bronze cards, as well as FUT Heroes, Icons, and Ones to Watch items.

Then, any promo cards released during Season 1 would be assigned as a Set 1 card, e.g. Road to the Knockouts, Rulebreakers, Out of Position, and Team of the Week 1-8 items.

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TIME LIMITED - A set rotation system would see powerful cards given a shorter life-cycle

The same would happen in Season 2, with World Cup Path to Glory, Road to the World Cup, WC Stories, WC Phenoms and WC Team of the Tournament being classed as Set 2, with the same idea applied throughout the following seasons.

Seasons will last for 6-8 weeks, as we have come to expect in Ultimate Team, with new sets introduced, staying in-season, then rotating out, such as in the example laid out below.

  • Season 1: Core Set, Set 1
  • Season 2: Core Set, Set 1, Set 2
  • Season 3: Core Set, Set 2, Set 3
  • Season 4: Core Set, Set 3, Set 4

A set rotation system would likely only be implemented in the more competitive modes in Ultimate Team, such as Squad Battles, Rivals, and FUT Champions, with a restriction to in-season cards lifted in Live FUT Friendlies and Draft.

Fresh and Fun

First, let's take a look at the positives that set rotation could have in Ultimate Team if introduced in FIFA 24 or FC 24!

Set rotation gives the opportunity to use the most powerful cards in the game from day one.

Instead of having an increase in the power curve throughout the season, you could have access to 99-rated cards from the start.

This is because they will have a shorter lifespan, rotating out of play within a couple of seasons, so it is easier to maintain a balanced game.

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FAST AND FURIOUS - A 99 OVR Mbappe could be released in Season 1!

Using the best players in Ultimate Team from the start could make the game more competitive, with personal skill levels being highlighted more than before, where everyone has access to the best cards around.

We all love using the cream of the crop, so fielding 99-rated players from the get-go let us live out our dream team fantasies without having to wait.

Set rotation also forces you to update your squad throughout the season, keeping your team full of fresh faces, while also having the backbone Core Set to fall back on.

Lots to Dislike

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However, on the other side of the coin, there are just as many negatives to be seen if a set rotation system was introduced to Ultimate Team in FIFA 24 or FC 24.

While some people may like having unreal cards from the start, part of the joy of FUT is the progression of your team.

Starting with lower-rated players and increasing the power of your team over time is part of the lure of the game mode and keeps you hooked throughout the campaign.

There will still be a bit of a grind to gain the best cards around, but this will likely happen in short bursts each season, as opposed to across the game's full lifecycle.

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NO CHANGES REQUIRED - Some fans wouldn't want to see such a big adjustment

The exclusivity of owning the top-rated cards in the game will also lessen, as we would expect to see an abundance of 99-rated cards from the start.

Both previous points show how introducing a set rotation can take away from the journey of the game, which could cause a disconnect for some fans.

Although we wouldn't think set rotation restrictions would apply to all modes in Ultimate Team if introduced, it would surely be implemented in Rivals and FUT Champions, the most competitive and probably the most popular modes.

That means the majority of players will be forced to change their lineups to partake.

Of course, it is always nice to keep refreshing your team, but there is a big difference between making that choice yourself and having it forced upon you.

Will it Happen?

Bringing in such a sweeping change to Ultimate Team would be a big risk for the developers.

The issue is, some people will welcome the change, while others will hate it.

You can never please all the people all of the time, but this move could easily split the fan base down the middle, which could have a negative impact on future releases.

It is an interesting idea that could be brought into Ultimate Team, but really, we don't think the risk is worth taking, especially given how irate the FUT fanbase can get!

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