Where is Ulduar located in WoW Classic WotLK?

Ulduar WoW Classic WotLK

Ulduar WoW Classic WotLK

World of Warcraft: Classic's latest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, has reached its second phase, bringing tons of new content and features. Headlining the new update is the expansion's next raid, Ulduar.

Originally released in April of 2009, this 14-boss deep monster of an instance has long since been one of the community's favorite raids. Ulduar had it all, unique bosses with challenging mechanics, cream-of-the-crop loot—including a legendary healing one-handed mace—and perhaps most important of all, an exclusive hard mode, the only one to been since.

Finally, it's time for WoW Classic players to re-experience, or experience if a new player to WotLK, this titan of a raid.

If you're one of these players looking to take on Ulduar but don't know where it's located then we've got you covered.

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Where is Ulduar located in WoW Classic WotLK?

Players can find Ulduar in the northernmost part of the Storm Peaks located in the continent of Northrend.

Ulduar WoW Classic WotLK Location
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As you might expect, a titan-themed raid is located in a more discreet location, after all, that's where the old god Yogg-Saron is imprisoned. Not only that, but players also have to deal with the various mountain ranges that the zone. This makes getting to the raid a bit difficult.

In order to get to Ulduar, players will need to fly to the raid. They can either use their regular cold-weather flying or get a free flying mount from K3 in the southern base of the Storm Peaks.

From whichever location they are at, ideally Dalaran, players can make their way to Ulduar by flying directly to it. Once they begin to enclose at the destination, they'll be met with the shadow of five massive towers which at the bottom have a massive courtyard. In the courtyard, players can find the 5-man dungeons, Halls of Stone, and Halls of Lightning.

Above that courtyard, a harbor-like structure will become visible. All players have to do is fly upward to it and they'll be greeted by the entrance of Ulduar. It's a huge door, it's hard to miss!

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