Where is the Mage Tower located in WoW Dragonflight?

Mage Tower WoW Dragonflight

Mage Tower WoW Dragonflight

Tons of content has just arrived to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight with its first content update, patch 10.0.5. From the brand-new Trading Posts feature that gives players a unique way to earn transmog and other cosmetic goodies to the ability to transmog white and gray items. There's a lot for players to play with. However, amongst these is the return of one of the game's most popular features, the Mage Tower.

Originally released during the Legion expansion and later brought back during the later parts of Shadowlands, the Mage Tower had players take on challenging and exciting solo class-specific encounters. It was the first of its kind and greatly beloved by the community. Now, it's finally made its return.

That being said, where is the Mage Tower located in WoW Dragonflight? Here's where to go.

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Where is the Mage Tower located in WoW Dragonflight?

Seeing as how the Mage Tower was released during the Legion expansion, players can find the Mage Tower in a Legion zone, more specifically, the Broken Shore.

Broken Shore WoW Dragonflight
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Players can get to the Broken Shore in various ways and they revolve around getting to the Legion version of Dalaran first.

First and foremost, players can use their Dalaran Hearthstones which they gained from either participating in the Legion expansion during current content or as they leveled.

Second, players can take portals to either the Broken Isles version of Dalaran from a Mage or to Azsuna in their respective factions' capital cities (Stormwind for the Alliance and Orgrimmar for the Horde).

Third, and this is Warrior-specific only, players can make their way to their Class Order Hall and leap down to the Broken Shore if they have it unlocked.

Upon reaching Dalaran, players can make their way to the Broken Shore by simply flying. Players can find the Mage Tower located in Deliverance Point, coordinates 44.19, 62,35. Once they've made it to the destination, they can speak with War Councilor Victoria to activate the challenges. It's worth noting that the challenges are based on the current active specialization.

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