How to get the X-45 Heartbreaker Mount in WoW Dragonflight

Love is in the Air WoW Dragonflight

Love is in the Air WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players have a chance to get one of the game's most rare mounts, the X-45 Heartbreaker, as the game's Valentine's Day-themed event Love is the Air has made its way into live servers.

From now until Monday, February 21, 2023, players will have the ability to get the X-45 Heartbreaker.

So, how do you go about getting the mount? Here's what you need to know.

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How to get the X-45 Heartbreaker Mount in WoW Dragonflight

Players can get the X-45 Heartbreaker mount from the Crown Chemical Co. instance.

Just like any other instance or dungeon, players can queue for the Chemical Co. instance which will bring them to Shadowfang Keep, specifically to the keep's courtyard that proceeds its stables. There, players will have to take on a trio of apothecaries, Hummel, Baxter, and Frye.

Crown Chemical Co WoW Dragonflight
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Similar to other council-type fights, players will take on all three of the bosses at once, although the encounter has each one become attackable one by one.

Upon defeating the trio, players will be rewarded with a Heart-Shaped Box. This box contains the event's currency, Love Tokens, and has a chance to drop a Vile Fumigator's Mask cosmetic helmet, the Forever-Lovely Rose transmoggable rose, the X-45 Heartbreaker mount, and other cosmetics.

In order to get the X-45 Heartbreaker mount to drop, and the other items, players must be at least level 50. Players can attempt the Crown Chemical Co. instance multiple times a day with several characters. The first attempt of the day has the greatest chance of dropping the X-45 Heartbreaker.

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