How to complete A Fel Path Through Time Quest in WoW Dragonflight

Maw of Souls WoW

Maw of Souls WoW

Making its monthly appearance in World of Warcraft, and its second appearance in the Dragonflight expansion, is the Timewalking Dungeon event. The event has players travel back in time in order to conquer some of the game's older dungeons and, most importantly, rewards them with Normal-level Vault of the Incarnates loot with its quest.

This time around, players will get to go back in time and experience dungeons from the Legion expansion, while also getting to complete the "A Fel Path Through Time" quest.

Here's how to complete A Fel Path Through Time Quest in WoW Dragonflight.

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How to complete A Fel Path Through Time Quest in WoW Dragonflight

First things first, in order to complete the A Fel Path Through Time quest, you will first need to grab it. To pick up the quest, you'll need to head over to Valdrakken and speak to Kazra—the NPC who gives weekly quests.

This NPC can be found at the coordinates of 49.52, 60.00. Alternatively, we've marked him down below.

Valdrakken WoW Dragonflight
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The quest has you run and complete five Timewalking dungeons, simple as that. Players can access the Legion Timewalking by opening the Group Finder, selecting "Random Timewalking Legion," and queueing for it.

Upon completing the five dungeons, you will receive a normal piece of Vault of the Incarnates loot. It's worth noting that this piece of loot can be anything from the first boss all the way to Raszageth. However, it cannot be a tier piece, but that's okay because the Revival Catalyst is finally live!

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