All Timewarped Badge vendor locations in World of Warcraft

WoW Timewalking

WoW Timewalking

World of Warcraft is a long and storied franchise. Initially released in 2004 with its original Vanilla version, players since have gotten to play through a whopping nine expansions, with its most recent one being Dragonflight.

Sometimes though, players want to go back in time and experience what some of the older expansions were like. They can do this with WoW Classic, however, those who wish to remain on retail can do so via the Timewalking Dungeon event.

Although not a true weekly-styled event—as the event shows up once a month—Timewalking is one of the more unique events in World of Warcraft. It's an event that allows players to travel back in time in order to complete some of the past expansions' dungeons. Upon completing these dungeons—and the weekly quest—players can earn Timewarped Badges to spend on various items such as gear, cosmetics, and more.

Here are all of the Timewarped Badge vendor locations in World of Warcraft.

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All Timewarped Badge vendor locations in World of Warcraft

There are a total of six vendors, one for each of the expansions that appear in Timewalking events.

The Burning Crusade Timewarped Badge vendor

The Burning Crusade's Timewarped Badge vendor is Cupri. This NPC can be found in the top ring in the Terrace of Light in Shattrath City. Players can take a portal to Shattrath city from their respective factions' capital cities.

Wrath of the Lich King Timewarped Badge vendor

Auzin is the Timewarped Badge vendor for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. This NPC can be found in the middle of old Dalaran located in Crystalsong Forest. Players can take a portal to old Dalran from their respective factions' capital cities.

Cataclysm Timewarped Badge vendor

The Cataclysm expansion has Kiatke as its Timewarped Badge vendor. Alliance and Horde players each have a version of this NPC in their respective capital cities.

The Alliance Timewarped vendor can be found in the Eastern Eerthshrine in Stormwind City. The Horde's Timewarped vendor, on the other hand, can be found in the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar.

Mists of Pandaria Timewarped Badge vendor

Unlike other expansions' Timewarped Badge vendors, Mists of Pandaria's is a bit more secluded. Players can go to Misweaver Xia in the Timeless Isle just off the coast of the Jade Forest. Players can fly directly southeast to find the Timeless Isle.

Warlords of Draenor Timewarped Badge vendor

Similar to Cataclysm Timewarped Badge vendors, there is an Alliance version and a Horde version. Both located on the island of Ashran, Alliance players can go to Tempra in Stormshield, and Horde players can go to Kronnus in Warspear.

Legion Timewarped Badge vendor

Lastly, when it comes to Legion, players can go to the new Dalaran located in the Broken Isles and find the NPC by the name of Aridormi. This vendor is located near the Flight Master in Krasus' Landing.

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