NBA 2K19: MyTeam Card Tiers and Colors

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If you’ve ever played MyTeam in any of the other NBA 2K titles, then you know what to expect when getting into the NBA 2k19 MyTeam mode. With strong players and powerful supporting cards, it can come down to a little bit of luck, as well as some hard grinding, to get the cards that you want. However, once you get them, you’ll become the strongest team in the league.

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Each card comes with a different color scheme, just as in the old games. These colors indicate different tiers of players, and how strong they are. The higher the card color in the ranking, the better they are, but also how much harder they are to acquire. Here are the rarities for your collection.

God Tier

These tiers are considered the top of the top. Any cards that you receive of this rarity are for sure going to be key players that were at their prime, meaning they will be able to offer the maximum amount of attribute totals for your players. With overall scores ranging between 90-99, getting these can be difficult and there are some in there are that are weaker than others. However, if you take the time to grind out or get lucky and receive a card from these sets of tiers, then you will be well on your way to crushing the competition.

Galaxy Opal (99 Rating Only)

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These cards are the rarest and strongest options in the game. It takes a large amount of grinding to get to the point where you can acquire these, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

Pink Diamond (97-98 Ratings)

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This is second best tier and slightly less expensive to acquire. These will help give you some near perfect stars to anchor your team.

Diamond (93-94 Ratings)

These players are going to be all-stars, but not necessarily hall of famers or god tier players. They will still be needed to round out your perfect squad.

Amethyst (90-92 Ratings)

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If you can get to the point where these players are no longer needed as starters, you've come a long way. I would bet this will be the top card level owned by most serious players for a while. It will take several hours before players no longer need these as starters.

Above Average Tier

The Above Average cards have three tiers which tend to have decent players to use as the glue to hold teams together. Not really overpowered, but not super weak in any roles, these will generally hold the 80-89 overall rating. So, if you’re having trouble gathering those god tier cards, sub in some of these players until you can fully commit to the others.

Ruby (87-89 Ratings)

These cards are high level players that are much more attainable. I would be fine building my strongest deck with players from this grouping until I was able to grind out god-tier cards.

Sapphire (84-86 Ratings)

Sapphire cards will contain impact players. Their rating shows that they are solid players, but not quite elite. DeAndre Jordan above falls in to this category.

Emerald (80-83 Ratings)

These are going to be players that you recognize as above average players, but not necessarily all-stars in the league. For example, Eric Bledsoe and Harrison Barnes fall in to this tier based on the picture above.

Budget Player Tier

The bottom of the pack, these tiers shouldn’t even be looked at. Other than being used to farm points for different package openings, these don’t hold any true purpose unless you are just starting out. Putting any effort into collecting or burning your contracts on these players won’t do you any good, as their overall ratings tend to only be in the 79 and below.

Gold (75-79 Ratings)

These gold tier cards are fairly common and can be used for grinding out challenges early on. These can serve as a quality starting lineup that you use to beat early challenges and it won't hurt nearly as bad if you use up all their available contracts.

Silver (70-74 Ratings)

You can use these players to fill out your bench and not feel bad about it when their contracts run out. I would not invest any upgrades or boosts into these cards, but use them solely for grinding.

Bronze (69 and below Ratings)

Most of these cards are players that are barely hanging on to roster spots. You will have plenty of these to start out with and you can use all of their contracts up as much as you please without looking back.

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