NBA 2K24 Daily Spin Location and How to Claim Daily Prize Rewards

Daily Spin in NBA 2K24

Daily Spin in NBA 2K24

The popular MyCAREER mode in NBA 2K24 features a newly designed The City for Next Gen consoles and an upgraded Neighborhood for Current Gen platforms. On both platforms, there are daily prize rewards up for grabs, but you first have to find the Daily Spin location in NBA 2K24.

These daily rewards are random, but some lucky players might get something special, such as a major VC boost. The daily spins are associated with the RISE and ELITE affiliations. We will talk about them later in this guide.

Now, let’s see how to find the Daily Spin location in NBA 2K24.

The Daily Spin location in NBA 2K24

The Daily Spin locations will not unlock until you join one of the two affiliations: RISE or ELITE. In order to do that, you first need to go to The City (Beach area) and talk to ShakeDown (RISE) or Chris Manning (ELITE). After you have chosen your preferred affiliation, you have to complete two objectives to clinch your place in either RISE or ELITE.

Should I join RISE or ELITE?

If you prefer to play as a classic point guard or a small forward with a focus on becoming a three-point machine, the RISE is the affiliation for you. The RISE has the Heat Check gameplay mechanic, which offers a permanent increase in both passing and finishing, as well as a boost in shooting after taking shots from beyond the arc.

When it comes to the ELITE, it best suits power forwards, centers, shooting guards, or offensive point guards who like to attack the rim. ELITE’s Two Way Tenacity gameplay boost will give you a permanent increase in shooting and defensive capabilities.

How to claim your daily prize rewards in NBA 2K24

Now, after you join the affiliation of your choice, you can claim your daily prize by going to the corresponding monument. Go to the Beach area and see the RISE monument marked in red. On the other hand, the ELITE monument is marked in blue.

ELITE AND RISE affiliations in NBA 2K24
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Elite is marked in blue, while RISE is marked in red

For current-gen players, the NBA 2K24 daily spin location is easier to find. Go to the Directory, enter The Castle, and then the Galleria. You will see two signs for daily prizes next to a statue of Michael Jordan.

Remember, you can only claim one daily spin reward per day. You are able to switch between affiliations, but that will come at a cost. These rewards will help your MyPLAYER to improve quickly in NBA 2K24.

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